Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Swan Dive

Well, yesterday morning T.H. said "The computer has this weird spinny
thing and won't let me do anything.". Now I do love that man of mine,
but honestly? Yeah, he is so not good with computers. After a brief
check, I realized it didn't look good.

Eldest son, who used to fix Apple computers for a living, took a look,
did some stuff including wiping the hard drive, and yeah the hard
drive has suffered an early death. I have three things going in my
favor! ! !

1. The computer is still under warranty! So, free fix! I do love the
word free!

2. I have a back up, so all of my data is saved!!!

3. I can Internet on my iPhone! So won't need to be hosiptalized for
extreme web withdrawls, and can still chat!! While reading blogs can
be a pain, due to slow loading, some times commenting can be a pain.

See ya soon!!
iPhone blogging Biki!


  1. No idea! You need a geek.
    But good luck anyway.

    I found this blog via her friend who left a message on It'sGB.

    No reason other than gender really - so why on earth you should be interested - except that she obv. needs a few Commentors, Followers and Links coz she's brand new, straight (? ? ?) out of the box.

    You can always refuse to get involved, of course - and if I were you I might just do that.

  2. I'm just happy you won't be cut off from us while you get the free fix done!

    Just love the techy bit about the "spinny thing" :)