Saturday, December 19, 2009

Getting ready for Christmas

This week T.H. and Son #4 went hunting for the elusive perfect Christmas tree. It was a typical early winter day, -16 f or -26 c, with crystal clear blue skies, and for us?  That is warm weather for this time of year  While driving around the woods, up one trail and down another, they enjoyed a nice visit.  After finding two trees that fit the bill, home they returned with red cheeks and sparkling happy eyes. They helped each other get the trees in the stands, first at Sons home then ours. Teasing, laughter, happiness!

Son #4 gave us the best gift ever when he told his dad on that tree hunting trip how wonderful his childhood was. This is an edited version of what he said. No no, not edited for content, but for typing on my phone.

"Dad, I admit I'm a selfish person, I want for my kids to have what I had growing up. And until I can afford for Lovely to stay home with our children, I dont want any. We didn't have as many toys as other kids, or the expensive clothes, but what we had was so much better. You came home everyday day for lunch. No matter how bad the day had been, coming home to you and mom, made the rest of the day bearable. After school, mom was always home and wanted to hear about our day. We knew within a few minutes when you would come home after work, and no matter how bad your day had been, we took priority.  Dinners were almost always at the table, and were filled with spirited debates, but what I remember most was the laughter. We knew that the most important thing in yours and moms life was us boys. Being loved like that, how can I want anything less for my kids?".

Like I said earlier. Best. Gift. Ever.

Cookie baking season is upon us!  Hopefully we can get a start on it today. I think we'll start with gingerbread, which is my fav. But that's not the reason I make those first, letting them sit well wrapped up, allows the flavors to mingle better, and makes for a better cookie.  And then to iced sugar cookies. Which by the way, I despise, but everyone else in the family loves. Why don't I like them? Way way way to sweet. And then off to shortbread, killer peanut butter cookies, and pecan puffs.

Update on the computer... Twas the hard drive, one is ordered, e.t.a. for the finished computer looks to be right before Christmas, or immediately after.... sigh......

{}(^_^){}.  ( me in ear muffs )
The Biki weather report.... currently it is -32 f or -36 c.
Yeah that IS cold!  Cars need to be either kept in a garage or plugged in. Oh, plugged in?  Well, all cars here have a block heater, which is a heating coil that fits into the block of the engine. When you park, an extension cord, heavy duty, is ran from an outlet to the grill of your car. It keeps the engine from being so hard to start, or allowing it to start at all! We also have a battery blanket, and an oil pan heater. These really add years of life to an engine.

Christmas hugs to all of you!  Your friendship means the world to me!

Love and hugs,


  1. I can see what he means..., that kind of childhood is what dreams are made of. You never know how truly good you have it..., until you loose it.

    You look cute in earmuffs by the way..., see I do comment!


  2. Merry Christmas Biki! That is a great gift. They have to be old enough to give it!

    We are having the snowiest Dec here in 40 years. Def white Christmas!


  3. What a great gift. It just shows that sometimes the best lessons aren't taught, but watched.

  4. I can't think of a better gift, worth so much more than shiny things


  5. It's really warm here then!

    Don't fall over! With all those clothes you have to wear just to be able to walk and not freeze , you might not get up again!

    And don't be sick with all that sugar!

    But don't watch me - I probably will be.