Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Hero's entry 17.5.2

Today's entry finds our super hero battling the evil forces of house remodeling.  Fighting timelines, delivery schedules, and the dreaded countertop measuring of doom and despair.  While the fight wages on our superhero has been noticing a reduction in the force.  This reduction is plaguing our hero in lack of energy and motivation.  Wanting nothing more than to retreat to the comforts of his fortress of pages, and comfy cushions.

Day after endless day our hero drags thru his days becoming weaker and weaker, but battling onward!  And then, the page finally loaded and an answer became crystal clear.  The evil minions of home remodeling had found the kryptonite, the heel as it were, the evil beast tree palo verde who is home to my arch nemesis.

Now on the surface this tree seems mild mannered, even decorative.  But hidden within the millions of lovely yellow flowers lies a heart of pure and utter devastation, pollen.  Pollen, you query?  Yes! Pollen!  This pollen is known to only a few as Emperor Destruct-o.  

 She has the power to infiltrate all forms of barriers, without the slightest effort.  What looks nothing more than a pretty yellow carpet, hides a sinister heart of a black hole of pure evil.  

The wind swirls the flowers across the landscape, and if you watch closely enough, and focus purely upon the flowers you will see her form briefly.  Blink and she is gone, leaving only the impression of flowers dancing in the wind.

My stalwart companion Dr. Beaker has been busy mixing ever stronger potions trying to root out these evil invaders.  Will he succeed?  Only time will tell!  Stay tuned for more of this continuing story.