Saturday, March 29, 2014

Hey, I need some info please

As you have noticed my blogger account has been hacked numerous times lately.  I keep changing my google password, and all of my other email accounts passwords, and it keeps happening.  Anyone have any idea at all what to do about it? 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


It's been awhile again, and really didnt have enough ideas or time to expand-o any one idea into a full post. 

Here in no organized way are the thoughts that keep swimming to the surface, again and again....

The Dallas Buyers Club
     After watching the movie, I searched the web for more information about Ron Woodroof, only to discover that he was a homophobic guy.  The character of Rayon was nothing more than a flickering light on the screen.  Ok, so Hollywood takes liberties with stories, we all know that.  In fact they quite often take perfectly wonderful tales with a ginormous following and alter the story so that very little remains of the original tale.  What upsets me so about this movie is the fact that while many straight people did die during this time period of AIDS, the vast majority of humans reaped in the 80's by AIDS were gay men and trans ladies who were in the sex trade.   Was this man's story choosen to make the subject more palpable for middle America to show that not only gay men caught this horrific disease?  Or is this yet again another white washing of GLBT history? 

There was a hue and cry about hiring a fella to play the part of Rayon, a hand wringing of epic proportions ( at least in the transworld ).  To be quite honest, I'm rather torn on this subject.  Yes, it would have been terrific to see a trans lady actress play a trans lady on screen!  She would get how Rayon felt, however....  Rayon hadn't transitioned, nor started taking hormones, and was extremely ill with AIDS and ravaged by her drug abuse.  The only way the part of Rayon could be believable was to have been played by a tooth pick thin fella, without breasts, without any extra ounces on his skeleton.  Yes, breasts can be bound down, but its never going to have the same look as a bony rib cage, there will be a thickness that wouldnt ring true to the knocking on deaths door.

   Two Wednesday's ago we went to his 2 week check up and the doctor was extremely pleased with how quickly TH had healed.  Now that all of his numbness and heaviness and pain is gone gone gone, we realized just how long he has been suffering the effects of constricted nerves.  He flew home on Friday and returns to work on next week.

One thing that we both realized is that these past six months is we have so much fun together!  And even tho we celebrated our 36th anniversary, we still enjoy each others company, are fairly compatible on most things, and laugh like silly bunnies over the smallest things.  So after he left, the apartment felt much to large, and sadness came to visit, along with more soul searching along the themes of;  how long should he work, should I pack up when my lease is done and move home?  For a few days we mulled the idea of me moving home full time again, and finally TH did something he rarely does, he made a decision for both of us.  I won't be moving to Alaska full time, but maintaining the current status quo of splitting my time between both homes.  Which truthfully was a relief, the specter of being marooned in the cold and dark again for months and months wasn't something I was sure I could handle again.

Arizona's Olde People
     I'm rather confused by the actions with many of the older people here.  TH and I went to Arizona Sonora Desert Museum, if you're ever in Arizona its a must see.  All of the plants edging the walkways are labeled, but for the most part its pristine desert, with only a small portion accessible by the public where all the displays are located.  While we were walking along, I stopped to take a photo of a flowers and several times TH over heard oldies complaining, "I don't know why they allow children in!"  Now these were NOT screaming kids, nor the running loose causing mischief and mayhem sort.  Yes, most all children do have issues with volume control, but the three times we visited this museum, we never ever saw a child who was misbehaving. 

The oldies have motor home parks and entire communities where you must be over 55 to reside within.  Several of these communities have petitioned their local government to be allowed to opt out of paying school tax.  Their argument is they don't have any children attending local schools why should they support them?

The very things they accuse children of being, loud, rude and having no manners, they themselves are quite often guilty of.  I've seen them cut in front of people waiting in line at the movie theater, demand the tech person at the library to check their materials out, rather than asking.  I just don't get it.

And now for reading this drivel here are some pictures taken by TH himself.

A "shoot out" at Oatman Az.   Its a tiny touristy sorta place, but we really enjoyed it.  And these fellas really made this shoot out fun!  They perform this for charity to raise money for crippled children.

At the Sonora Desert. Their raptor show is the best we've ever seen.  As you can tell its out in the desert and birds are allowed to do as they wish.  One of the birds gets put out sometimes and goes and sits on a rock and waits for the handlers to come and get her!  A few times the birds have gotten very territoral when wild birds have flown by, and they chase them away.  Only to realize they dont know how to get home and so they just sit and wait for the handlers to come and get them!  The owl was rescued as a chick from a nest his parents built at Home Depot.

Yes, that me at the London Bridge in Lake Havasu.