Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Dang, that month flew by!  And here in no particular order is what we have been up to.

After intensive thought, and many, many hours on the internet it became clear to us that finding a short term rental in Alaska was impossible.  We could have cobbled together a slew of Airbnb rentals, but the vast majority of them within our price range were all dry cabins.  I have zero interest in spending the summer using out houses and bathing in the kitchen sink.  Extended stay hotels would ring in around $3,000 a month!!!  So, that was out, out, out.

Our solution?  Buy a travel trailer.  I was hoping for a 5th wheel as they are roomier, but are also heavier, which meant a new pick up truck, so no.  We trooped into and out of countless travel trailers, "light" 5th wheel trailers until we were near collapse, and one thing became clear to us.  Travel trailers that had been used and were 4 years old still reeked of formaldehyde and similar chemicals.  Finally, we found a motor home company that sells 'green' trailers!  They don't use dangerous chemicals, and their manufacturing process is clean as well.   We bought one, and had them remove the bunk beds to install a washer/dryer.  We lost some storage space doing so, but now won't have to worry about moldy washers or what washing detergent was used before us.  If this is an enjoyable way to live, we will tow it down and live in it after coming back from our trip.

TH caught the flu, which led to secondary infections, bronchitis, sinus infection and ear infections!  And dash it all, my soaring health lead me to catch it too!   My new immune system became completely overwhelmed and spiked a 103 fever which lead to dehydration and an elevated heart rate.  After a trip to the hospital things for re-hydration and some meds for a sinus infection.

We have decided to cut our trip to Japan down to 6-8 weeks, we are still working deciding which would be best.  Three months we felt might be to overwhelming and the fact that its in the winter months, so many gardens will be closed or will have lost most of their beauty.  New Zealand is still on the table, and would leave around February for around 6 weeks. 

We have so much planning to do for every corner of our lives.  I'm quite tired of planning!