Friday, October 2, 2015

A No Good, Terrible Day!

A week ago, I walked up to George and noticed he had a neon orange sticker on his window, claiming he was ILLEGALLY PARKED!  As per usual, I had cut my allotted driving time to the bone, but went in and asked what the story was.  I was assured it was no biggie, and went on to the library.

Three days later, again with the sticker, with the same reason, and now I am ANGRY!!!!  

I am not a violent person, usually, but this one woman who works in the office brings out the worst in me on a good day.  She sat there with her supercilious, better than everyone look on her face and asked, "Do you have this on your window?"  No, I did not.  When I asked why she didn't ask me that 3 days ago, she tittered and made some stupid assed remark that left me wanting to pull her over her desk and beat the shit out of her.  I'm telling ya, she brings out the very worst in me.  I took her damned sticker, stuck it in the window and went to work.  

Two days later as I'm coming out of the bathroom from my shower, I hear George's alarm go off, I run to the window to see him be pulled out of the apartment complex.  

Luckily there was another woman in the office besides supercilious bitch and I talked yelled at her about George being towed.  This is where the whole thing gets ugly.

Those other two times I went into the office and supercilious bitch acted innocent about why George was tagged was a fucking lie.

The maintenance fella was behind SB, looked down at the book she had opened and mentioned that maybe my tags were expired?  Turns out he was giving me a hint!  But I was to focused on the whole documentation of my parking permits to listen to him.

There was a spot on the tag of doom for expired tags, but they didn't check that one, but the illegally parked box.

They told me where George had been abducted to and I called a cab to rush me to George's side.  While Mr. Taxi was driving me to the impound lot, he told me something very interesting, that when you contract with a towing company you get a kick back on every car towed!  I checked at work with a few folks and yup Mr. Taxi was 1000% correct.

I paid the towing fee of $136.00 and got into George.  Knowing that I needed to get new tags ASAP, I opened the glove compartment to grab my registration and there, sitting on top of the manual was the new tags..........giant sigh.

When I was talking this over with TH, we both had a vivid memory of the tags coming in the mail, but this is when he was going thru all those surgeries and doctor appointments and rehab classes.  And like fools, I just dropped them into the glove box to put on tomorrow.  A tomorrow that cost me $136.00, a taxi ride and a months worth of anger.  This was 3 days ago, and I'm just now calming down about it enough to write it down.

The thing that angers me the most is that Supercilious Bitch knew the first day I went in why my car was tagged.  That's what burns me the most, that they have no problem fucking over their tenants.  I wish the old company hadn't sold to out to these vultures.  When my lease is up, even if we were planning on keeping an apartment here, I would still move out, I am that angry with them.