Thursday, June 23, 2016


It's the last day here in this apartment, am totally going to miss this apartment.  After endless days of packing and tossing things out, am nearing the finish line.  Movers are supposed to be here between 1-6 today, and all I have left to pack is the dishes and a bit of loose odds and ends.  Ya know the flotsam and jetsam that seems to fill drawers and cupboards.

Yesterday I put TH on a plane for Provo to spend some time with his lifelong friend to get out of the heat.  TH is an Alaskan thru and thru and the heat is killing him.  We had 120 on Father's Day and hubby came close to heat stroke.

Tonight its a hotel for me, and a very extremely early wake up call, 4am.  I am afraid of driving on the freeway during rush hour and it makes me very nervous.  Because I'm afraid to change lanes at 75 mph, I keep "falling" off the highway.  How does one fall off?  Well, ya know how the outer two lanes are usually tied to the off-ramps?  When one travels the off-ramp lanes, one falls off.  So rush hour starts mighty early here so as to beat the rush am going to leave at 5 am so I'll be thru Phoenix before the rush begins.  My goal is Henderson NV tonight, and Provo tomorrow.  Then we catch a plane to Alaska on Sunday.

I'm thinking about sleeping for a week once we get home!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

hate wins, yet again

i just do not understand hatred of a subset of humanity.  hating a single person, yes, there are some individuals who are vile enough to deserve hate, but an entire grouping of humans, no.  as time passes for me, i see less and less reason for humans to have religion.  its a divisive instrument, one that has caused more death, more suffering, than any other single human frailty, even the drive for wealth and power cowers a long distant second.  my only hope is that this will awaken some of the sheep who blindly follow behind a hatemonger, to the realization that death of any person is a crime.  yes, yes i know the earth is overly full with the parasite humanity, but if we can learn to adore our fellow man, embrace science instead of bronze age religions, and free women to choose to have a child or not, our population will drop, until we achieve a manageable number.  
this is why i adore and kneel at the feet of gene roddenberry, he believed that man had the ability to live in a peaceful manner in our future, where all were accepted, and had equal rights.  and to those who claim star trek never had an out lbgt person, its because the studios shut him down back in the '60s, and the sheeple who followed left us out as well.  i have great hope the new series will include lgbt folks. 
we need to stop 'rewarding' bigots, racists, homophobes, misogamist people by inviting them onto 'news shows'.  by allowing them to preach their hate, their belief of their privilege over others, gives credence to their lies.  the new shows would never 'invite' the kkk on to talk about why black teens drop out of school, or muslims to talk about the 'jewish' problem in the middle east.  so why do they feel justified having known hate groups talk about lgbt issues? 
maybe its time for a grass root project where masses of people pledge to inundate the news shows with calls and masses of emails every single time one of the hate mongers is on their shows?  if their phone lines were filled with people awaiting to complain, their inboxes filled with anger that Miss Toni Perkkkins was on again, hellz even if clouds of snail mail starting arriving they might begin to understand that 'inviting' hate groups was a bad thing.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Holy Hanover! Time travels quickly....

Howdy!  Sorry I've been gone awhile again, but whew what a whirl wind life has been this past month and more.

The third Saturday of April TH and I traveled to Indiana to bury his beloved sister and father.  It was so very hard to leave her there.  Unless we travel to visit her grave, no one will visit as she hadn't lived there for nigh on 52 years, and had only visited once in all that time.  So why did she want to be buried there?  Her mamma is there and she wanted to rest next to her for eternity.

The planning for the trip to Japan is steaming along, mutating nearly daily.  There is so much to see and do that we are overwhelmed.  Even though we both want to visit Toyama, the best time isn't in the winter, since we don't downhill ski, so are shelving that until a later date when we can go in the summer and enjoy the hiking.

Good news on the Japanese food front.   There is a Japanese burger chain, Mos Burger that is Japans second largest fast food chain.  They offer two sandwiches for children on their allergy menu, and are both gluten free.  Even better, is they come with a free toy, yippeee!

And... Coco Curry also has many locations that offer one curry that is safe, its served in a re-tort pouch so there is no worry about it being contaminated.   Now the only trick is to order the right one....

We are packing up our apartment and its rather bittersweet as I've lived here for nearly 5 years.   However!!!!!!!!!!  When we come back at the end of December, we will be buying a house!  I have a terrible case of house fever.  I want a house so badly I can't stand it.  We have had things in boxes for over 8 years.  Eight years!  It will be like a prolonged gift giving holiday when we finally unbox things. 

Off I go to work on the big move!

Friday, May 6, 2016

'Tis a Miracle!

For the last several years I was so allergic to egg that getting even a drop of raw egg on my hand felt like I had a burn.  Even washing a pan or plate in an entire sink of water would cause my hands to swell up.  TH would wash anything that egg touched, and mostly made his own eggs.   Putting plastic baggies on my hands allowed me to make him eggs.  Then about 2 months ago TH was in a hurry and needed something quick to eat that he could carry with him.  Fried egg sandwich coming up!  In my hurry I forgot to put the baggies on my hands and made his eggs.  After TH left I realized that I had forgotten my baggies and the egg didn't burn!!  For the next while I made TH eggs without putting baggies on, and never had a twinge of problem with egg burning.  Next up was peeling TH a dozen eggs for a trip out of town, and again no issue!  I got brave and ate a gluten free donut that had eggs as an ingredient, and I was fine!  And so began a spree of eating gluten free english muffins.  Wheee!

After a while I finally got a bit braver and actually ate an egg.  And meh.  I found that I have lost my taste for eggs.  This week I made a homemade egg sausage breakfast muffin.  Sqee!  It was fan-freaking-tastic!  But this opens up an entire world of food, and makes eating breakfast out do-able now.  Every single popular gluten free bread has eggs as a ingredient, making eating out so much easier, and more enjoyable to boot.

With eggs now in my wheelhouse, it was on to chicken.  First chicken I ate?  WINGS!  Oh my golly gosh did I miss buffalo wings.  There is a restaurant near us that has gluten free buffalo wings.  When the order came, I sat and looked at them for quite a while, slightly fearful of trying one.  But then decided to man up and go for it.  Damn were they delicious!  I've eaten wings and roasted chicken a few times now and zero issues!

I've tried cream cheese and some sour cream, with no ill effects.  But as with the eggs, I've lost my taste for them, to the point when grocery shopping today I bought a new container of soy milk and vegan cheese.  However, its nice to know that when I'm out and about I wont have to worry about eating mashed potatoes or butter in things making me ill.  It just might take a while to get used to the flavor of dairy again.  The last time I had anything dairy was 5 years ago. 

I feel so free now both in the grocery store and in restaurants!   From being constrained to a few choices, the entire gambit of gluten free shelves are available to me.   I now have choices in gluten free cookies, crackers, breads and donuts.  I've eaten at restaurants recently and been plagued by severe indecision.  I've gone from having at most two choices to several choices, and it can be overwhelming at times.

Why do I think this miracle occurred?  I was the model patient and never ever cheated with gluten or any of the other foods that were on my no eat list allowing my stomach and gut time to heal.  My life with food is amazing now, no more tears in the grocery store or grief in restaurants.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

And Now, Something Completely Different!

With all the hate swirling about with LGBT hate bills, the nasty rhetoric from the political campaigns, its time for something light hearted.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

What Does Music Mean to Me?

I always have a tune pinging around in my head, and quite often my head will bob to my inner tune as I wander through my days.  I catch "ear worm" very easily and have found the only way to cure it is to burn it out by listening to the offending song nonstop until my brain is finally done with it.  Which led me to a week of nonstop listening to this song.

And can now "safely" listen to it without having it ear worm me.

I seem to work differently with music than many folks.  Sex and music for me just doesn't work, it distracts me from the wonderful connection.

When I used acupuncture to help the pain and mobility issues I was having the New Age Music would make me so tense I couldn't get the full benefit from the treatment.  Mr. Nam told me to bring in my earbuds and ipod and listen to something that would relax me.  I fell to sleep and woke up feeling great!  He of course wanted to hear this miracle music and was shocked that this is what relaxed me to slumber.  I had made a two song playlist, with these two songs.

My first memory of music is of classical music, Beethoven, Mozart, and Haydn.  And still enjoy classical to this day....along with Polka.  Yes, polka, go ahead and laugh but I adore a fast and happy polka song.

Hmm.....I honestly can not remember my first album, but do remember my first 45.  My Uncle used to sit me on his knee and sing me this song, jiggling his knee up and down to his singing.  When I was around 6, I was out and about with Grandma Rose and I saw a 45 with "Songs from Winnie the Pooh" and HAD to have it.  This was around my birthday and I carried my birthday card money EVERYWHERE.  Grandma Rose tried to talk me out of buying this, but I put my foot down and forced the issue.   I have no idea what is even on the other side, or if indeed I ever played the other side...hmmmm

I tend to binge music shop and buy several at one sitting.  These were the last two pieces of music I bought...



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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Toyama, Japan

While November is not really the time of year to be hiking around in mountains, we still wanted to visit the Japanese Alps.  Which are the collective mountain ranges of Hida, Kiso and Akaishi.  If only we were down hill skiers!  Maybe there will be some cross country skiing available, as we both enjoy doing that.

A convenient map of Japan.  Toyama is located by the wee 16 on the map, just under a huge hook of land that juts into the sea.  You can see Osaka where we will fly into, Kyoto where we will be based out of for touring about to visit, Kyoto, Nara, Kobe, etc.  This map nicely embiggens.

Map of the Alps. 

While deciding which area to base ourselves in, we came across this video.  If this town is even close to what is described in the video, it will be Amazing!  Enjoy!!