Thursday, January 21, 2016

Shit just got real

Today I paid for our first months rental in Japan. 

"There is no turning back now!", said with both exhilaration and trepidation as Biki worriedly chewed his bottom lip. 

And so the first steps into our grand adventure have been taken.

Would you like to see where we will be?

This is outside of Kyoto, only a 15 minute $3.08 bus ride away.  This should be good for TH to ease him into a triple month experience of living completely immersed into a different culture.  Before we had our son and daughter in law to help us with the language barrier, now we are on our own.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Cheeze Gromit!

I never understood the love affair most folks have with cheese.  Cheese was a food item that had very narrow confines in my diet.  I would eat it on pizza, but wasnt a fan of lasagna, as it was to cheesy for me.  Grill cheese sandwiches were acceptable, but putting cheese on meat sandwiches was a big NO!  I ate cheese, onion, lettuce and tomato sandwiches when tomatoes were in season.  Mac n' cheese was ok, as long as there were more noodles to cheese ratio.

About a month ago I began craving a soup I only ate once and wasn't all that big of a fan of, cheese broccoli soup.  I have no idea why this soup became my reason for living.  One day while standing with the fridge door open, hoping lunch inspiration would occur, I remembered the left over broccoli from two nights ago dinner.  I had some Daiya cheddar cheeze* in the fridge for an attempt making a copycat gluten free-dairy free "cheez-its".  But the crackers were put on hold as I decided to make the cheese broccoli soup.

The soup was super delicious!  I made several batches until I ran out of cheeze and broccoli.  And then one day I sauteed mushrooms in v-butter* and melted some cheeze and poured it over a baked potato.  Then I made about one zillion servings of nachos. 

I can't get enough cheeze.  I'm looking at recipes that have cheeze as a major part of their ingredient list and before I'd make a "bah" sound and flip the page, now I stop and linger and decide if this would work well with my cheeze. 

What the hellz is going on?  Hubby thinks that my body knew that cheese was bad for it, not sure if I believe that.  All I know is that a whole new food vista has opened up, and I'm excited to try every tasty bite!

*cheeze is vegan cheese
*v-butter is dairy free Earth Balance butter

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Open Sesame!

These past few weeks have been crazy.  Emotionally, physically and time management wise.

I arrived on the 18th of December back in Alaska, Youngest picked me up at the airport.  We some nice hugs and a small chat and then he went back home to bed.  TH worked that night, so it wasn't until 7am I got to see him.  That night we attended the company party.

From then on out our time was divided between going through our belongings and packing packing, packing and dealing with Sisters estate.

To add to things that need to be dealt with, TH retired!  Yup Yup! 

We no longer have a home in Alaska.

TH no longer has a job.

Tomorrow TH arrives from Alaska!

And then starts our new life, which is totally uncharted territory.

Just think, we get to shape our lives as we see fit!  Not to anyone elses standards, but our own. 

This just got interesting!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Do I Sound Gay?

Have you watched "Do I Sound Gay?"  David Thorpe did a fantastic job dissecting when he started to sound gay, and how it bothered him to sound gay, and steps he took to sound less so.  I won't tell you how it ends, this documentary is well worth watching, and offers many moments of clarity, at least for me.

Towards the end, I had an Ah-Ha! moment.

Never, as long as I've been self aware have I liked the way I sound.  To me, my voice is to high, and in my opinion sound like Minnie Mouse.

The last several months I've been asking people if my voice is extremely high, and if they think I sound like Minnie, and they always tell me, "no".

So, either everyone is lying to me, or I have no idea what I actually sound like to others.  And I refuse to believe that my friends would lie to my face, so the onus was on me to sort this out.  Which is why I watched "Do I Sound Gay?"

And then BOOM!  out of the ether came the answer, one so obvious that it appalls me that it took me so long to winkle out.

I'm male, and males are supposed to have deeper voices than women.  Thats why my voice has always bothered me, I sound like a woman.

Yeah, see?  Could I be any more dense?  Sigh.....

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Howdy there strangers!

On the day of sister's Celebration of Life, his dad passed.  It was a blessing for him, he as so ill with Parkinson's.  To tell you what his son's thought of him, neither of them shed a tear for him.  Sad isn't it?  To die and not have anyone sad you're gone?  Makes me want to make sure to live my life in a much more positive way.

The Celebration of Life went off very well.  Hubby managed to stand and tell some sweet tales of his sister.  But the one that really got to folks was this.

Way back when eldest was small around 4-5, we were outside in our snow outfits watching the Northern Lights (Aurora).  We had build snow chairs into the deep snow and were watching the lights flash and zoom across the sky.  That summer was the first time eldest had seen and heard thunder and lightening, and it frightened him.  Alaska doesn't get many thunderstorms, I suppose due to the topography.  Anyway, to comfort him, I tried what my grandmother had told me, it was god bowling and when you hear the thunder, he knocked all the pins down.  It worked and he was fine with it, until a few years later when we wanted the truth of the matter.

So, where was I?  Oh!  Ok, so there we were laying in the snow watching the lights when suddenly he piped up, "Mommy?  Those must be angels dancing!"  And that stuck with us forever.  Of course we told sister, and she loved it.

TH ended his talk by telling about eldest and the angels and then said, "And now there is another angel dancing in the winter night skies."  That made several people tear up.

Me?  Yes I told a story about Sister, but a funny one.

A million years ago Harvey Wallbanger drinks were all the rage, and Sister had gone to a party and they served a Harvey Wallbanger cake!  She wrangled the recipe out of the hostess, and bought all the ingredients.  I came in to spend the day with her while hubby had his truck worked on and she was going to a party and wanted to bring this cake.  Now for some odd reason the cake recipe was exact, down to the last drop, but the frosting recipe was very loosey goosey and had a bracket next to the alcohol ingredients with the words - to taste.

We quickly whipped up the cake and shoved it into the oven and went to work on the frosting.  After we reached the grey "to taste" area we added a tablespoon or so of vodka and Galliano and orange juice.  And it was much to liquid to spread.  We added more sugar....and now it was to sweet.  We added and tasted and added and tasted until it was all gone!  Starting over again, wouldn't you know the same thing happened again?  By the time TH came to pick me up, us two non-drinkers were two sheets into the wind.  Two giggling beings who had ended up in our drunkenness ripping pieces of the hot cake and had dipped them into a mixture of Galliano and orange juice.  She did go to the party the next day, but took a chocolate cake.  Which she said was "much safer to make".

Sister will be missed, as she was so loved by everyone. 

Oh, the red in the Aurora is super rare.

Monday, November 23, 2015

hugs and thanks

I only have a moment here, but needed to thank all of your for your heartfelt messages.

Tomorrow is TH's sister's Celebration of Life.

I fucked up the obit and forgot to put the day of the celebration..............

And now, his dad is dying, and is down to moment to moment.  The dad TH hates.

How true, that when it rains it pours.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

A new Angel

Tuesday night TH's sister passed away.