Sunday, February 12, 2017


Hello to any one who is still listening to me.  I know that I have been gone a very long while, and here are the reasons why.....

If you remember the last time I wrote I mentioned about some health issues?  By the time they tracked down the issue, allergy to drinking or eating things from plastic containers, I had lost the ability to focus my right eye, was unable to hold a thought in my head for more than about 15 minutes and was mostly at home where I could hobble to the bathroom as it affected my legs as well.  Got rid of the plastic and like magic, it all cleared up!  And thankfully, I can focus my right eye normally again.

After the plastic allergy was sorted TH and I began the great house hunt.  We spent hours each week viewing houses, sifting thru the houses our realtor sent us and looking at the offerings from a company that is only in a few markets, We found great houses that we lost in a bidding wars, that we didn't like the HOA rules, or the road noise was terrible, and houses that were just downright weird.

Partly we are unwilling to use our savings on a house in these uncertain times.  We have even explored leaving the country due to fears of what #45 is going to do.

Tonight I read that the Intelligence service has begun to withhold intel from the Oval Office due to worry about Russian leaks.  What happened to our country?

My name is Biki Honko and I am addicted to online news.  Since cheetolini (#45) has been elected I can't stay off the news sites.  I travel from one to another and then make the rounds again.  I hang out at a great deal, as the snarky comments help me feel that we might get thru this alive....hopefully.

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