Sunday, December 13, 2009

For me? Really? Thanks!

I had fallen behind in my blog reading due to one thing and another, and decided yesterday to do some catching up with my friends.  While reading Old Midhurstian, I noticed a pretty blue badge included with one of his posts.  I was throughly enjoying the post, learning things about Mac that I found interesting and as usual for him very funny.  And then I get to the line where Mac says that I am one of his 5 favorite bloggers!  Could have knocked me down with, well almost anything!  So, he is passing this along to me, and it comes with the telling of 5 things that I like.

Family -  Ahh, my family..... they are really the center of my world.  The four boys are just so much fun to be around!  And yes, they are all my favorite!  No, really!  This summer my youngest took me for a short ride on his crotch rocket motorcycle... telling me to hang on tight, he punched it and we went from a slow poking speed, to flying along the road!  The sheer exhilaration of the speed pulling at me made me so happy, that I couldn't control my laughter.  When we got home my joy of the ride made his eyes twinkle.  I couldn't stop hugging him and kissing his cheek!  Such a happy mom!  Each of the boys have taught me so much of their world of work.  What have I learned from them?  Super computers, servers, basically anything computers, he is the one who taught me to love computers and what they can do.  Sat me down and helped me get my first email account, and how to use it.  And he was the very first person I ever chatted with! son #1.  Life in Japan and all of the interesting differences, do you know it's rude to eat or drink while walking in Japan? son #2.  What it is like to live and work on the slope at Prudhoe Bay.  He has worked outsides at temperatures as low as -70 below, for 14 hours!  He has seen arctic fox, musk ox, polar bears, and caribou. Welding, being a server, and what it is like selling cars.  son #4  And T.H.  he shared his love of the great outdoors, how to read footprints left in the mud, took me white water rafting, camping and shooting.  Your Biki is a hella good with a rifle!  And, he taught me my worth and how to love myself.

Laughter - I love to laugh!  Love to make others laugh.  Hopefully they are laughing with me and not at me, they claim they aren't but who knows.  We have this one friend, and when he gets down in the dumps he calls up T.H. and says to him, "Is Biki busy?  No?  Then let me talk to her."  Which means what he really wants is for me to make him laugh, and so I do.  He laughs and laughs, becomes happy again, and then off he goes until the next time.

Games - I love card games, board games, video games, ds nintendo games, and yes even games on my iphone.  Now having said that, I totally crash and burn at any game that is strategy based, chess, checkers, and that sort.  And I do not mind in the least loosing, unless you are a cut throat player, and are mean and nasty about it.  I will finish the game, but that will be your last with me.  I play to have fun, to laugh and visit, not to annihilate fun.

The need to know - Reading, watching something on t.v,. a question someone asks me, and I need to know!  I have been known to jump up off the sofa during a commercial break to pick up more info about ... the subject, the director, an actor.... really just name it, the need to know burns in me bright and hot.  And a fellow blogger had a giant email from me answering his questions about Alaska.  My dream job before moving from Hell Town, was as a librarian.  It was a dream job for the intersecting of many of my loves.  Kids, books, gathering info for patrons, and leading kids to books that 'fit' them, and then seeing the joy in their faces when they discovered the love of reading.

Life - I love life, period.  Meeting new people, going places, trying new foods, watching the wind blow the summer leaves on the trees, and listening to the song the wind coaxes out of the trees.  As one of my boys says, "S'all good!"  And it is!  I honestly can not remember the last time I was bored. I find pleasure out of just being alive.  Waking up in a warm and cozy bed, soft pillow under my cheek, blankets so cuddly comfy.  Peeling apples for a crisp, opening the dryer to the wonderful scent of fresh clean clothes.
Washing dishes, chatting on the phone, chatting on the web, watching sunsets, hearing water chuckling along a rocky creek bottom.  All of this feeds my soul, feeds my heart, and gives me joy.  Giving hugs, holding someone close, letting my arms tell them how much they mean to me.  Kissing, cuddling, spooning and other fun couple sports with T.H.  Waking up each morning wondering what this day will hold.  Where will it find me at the close of the day?  Who will I have met?  What will I have see, or accomplished?  Every day is open with possibilities, that I just can't wait to begin.

So, and now without further ado..... my blog list!

Gay family values blog, you might remember them from their videos they made and posted on Youtube during the fight for marriage rights in California.  I like their blog, their family, and I always seem to learn something.

I Should Be Laughing  Bob is a very interesting guy.  There are often many posts each day, some long and very thoughtfully written, and others just plain fun.  Stop on by for a laugh, listen to his the music videos he embeds, read what he has to say.

The Twins and the Sailor  Bigct is one hell of a great, fantastic writer. Go. Read. And drop him a comment.  I can almost guarantee you will not be disappointed.

The Black Man Next Door  Kevin is a very interesting guy.  Stop on by and give him a read.  He always has something interesting to say.  Part political, part personal, and the rest? Just a great read.  Stop on by and give him a visit.

Funny Odd Thing  How on earth to describe David's blog?  Humm, he is never boring, and you will never know what he is going to post next!  The last two videos he has embedded were the Muppets, and Stephen Colbert.... yeah he is all over the map.  Stop on by and give him a try.



  1. So your a gamer Huh? I didn't know that, I think. I play a lot of games but do like the strategy ones.

  2. Wow, thanks for the shoutout and the nice words.
    I'm very grateful.