Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Four Delicious Hours of Freedom

Ok, here is my dirty little secret, I am housebound for much of the winter.  Several years ago I noticed that as the temps dropped I felt less and less well, and yes that IS staying in the house.  Going outside at cold temps stiffens my muscles up, hurts to breathe, and makes my mind super sluggish.  But, what is even weirder is that the cold temps bother me in the house as well.  Warm house, warm clothing, still not feeling well.  Anything above 0 for me is a day to celebrate!  And life below -25 is not much of a life.  So... yeah.

Anyway, the temps have kept me in the house now for around 6 weeks.  And let me tell you that is a very long time not to leave your house.  But, yesterday, oh glorious yesterday!  I have a little routine in the morning, turn on iphone, check to see if I have mail, and then to the temps.  Mail, read...read...... humm interesting.  Opened the weather app..... great wonders of wonders!  It is above 0!!  OMG!  I am so leaving the house today!!!

So, here is my wardrobe to leave the house, underwear, long johns, jeans, heavy sweater, snow pants, heavy parka, boots, mittens, hat and scarf!  As long as I don't fall down?  S'all good!!!

So, off to the movies it was.  Hum what to see, what to see........ I decided on A Christmas Carol.  I love Dickens, add in animation, yeah then add in Jim Carey?  That was just the whipped cream on my sundae of yummy!  The movie was wonderful.  The animation honestly just blew me away.  And they made Scrooge look old, not like sorta old, but actually old.  Knobby fingers, long nose, wrinkles, and the back of his hands were perfect, ropy, wrinkly and definitely old.  Some movies are meant to be seen on the big screen and thought that movie deserved to be seen LARGE.

After the movie, T.H. and I went out to eat.  There is this totally funky, completely Alaskan restaurant on the edge of town.  And while some Alaskan places put on a show of rustic for the tourists?  Yeah, this place just is home grown funky.

Don't you love the top of the tree running across the ceiling?  Total lack of anything that could be called pretentious, but hella good food.  Burgers, cheese steaks, pizza and really good steak.  To celebrate the out of the house me, I had steak.  T.H. had crab stuffed chicken.  I had some really yummy Black Butte Porter, so great with a steak and baked potato!

On the way home, we dove around and looked at the Christmas lights.  A few were really car stopping wonderful!  But, then tired and full of wonderful things to remember, home we went.  A very, very happy girl indeed.  Oh, and don't feel sorry for me, honestly.  Every day is a gift, and I treasure it!


  1. Glad you got for a while. I think you may have been suffering from a bit of cabin fever there for a while.

    I'm not really a christmas movie fan, but I am glad you enjoyed it.

    Merry Christmas...


    PSS: Love that tree!!!

  2. Sounds like a great day of doing just what you want, and when you think about it, we rarely get many of those the older we get.
    Glad you got yours.
    Happy holidays!


  3. Glad to hear you mananged to escape for a while.

    I just love the tree in the picture, there's something totally honest about just cramming the damn thing in there rather than messing about trying to make it fir perfectly

    have a great Christmas