Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A fleeting moment of freedom

Well all, the stories of my capture and imprisonment are all true. Now, now don't get all upset with him, to be fair I did bring this on myself. He had cracked the global weekend weather conspiracy, and had to disappear. Even though I was ever so carefully disguised as a gentle grandmother with a pair of oh so innocent knitting needles, he has a keen mind and sharp eyes, and my evil was discovered.

So this then was to be the end of my long career, I am still ready and able to serve my leaders, but at least was meeting my end by a very worthy adversary. I was ready to lay down my life for the cause, when a question rang out from across the dungeon, with my eyes blindfolded the voice sounded even more menacing, than when he had captured me.

"Can you cook?" The dark voice growled from across the length of the dungeon.

"Why are you asking?" It was hard to reply thru my cracked and bleeding lips.

"My last cook had an unfortunate accident, shall we say."

This was not sounding promising at all, an accident? Yeah, right. But, it would at least give me a chance to escape at a latter date. And maybe find a way on my way out to finish him off.

"Yeah, I can cook. What do you like to eat?"

"Well, just the usual things actually. I am very particular about my apple pie. You are to make me an apple pie, and if it isn't up to my standards, you will be a pile of moldering bones at the bottom of the nearest ravine. And no funny business. I will be watching your every move."

I made him his apple pie, he was well pleased, and that is why I am still alive. While the merc is out completing nefarious deeds, I have decide to sneak onto his computer to let you kno

So, this is my attempt at being funny...... so just a flight of fancy..... just wanting to post something with really nothing to say really....


  1. that was quite an interesting post lol. would like to know who that merc is :P sometime hehe



  2. Hey Biki,
    So your hubby thought you were having an affair too? Sounds familiar. Glad you are enjoying blogland. You're picking up some followers!

  3. And yet you said a lot.

    Mac - aka Old Midhurstian