Saturday, December 12, 2009

6 new random things

When my blog first hit 10 followers, I did a 10 random things about me.  And thought since there are now a robust 6 new followers, it was time for an update!  After sitting looking at a blinking curser for endless moments, have decided that I am just not that interesting!  Nothing to see here folks, keep moving, you in the back, yeah you!  Back in line!  No stragglers.....  Cliff notes would be nice!  Then I could just read what others would find interesting.... but until that date, I will have to go it alone!

1.  When T.H. asked me what I wanted for my 30th birthday, I was ready, had a list and everything!  Go Me!  And was promptly shut down!  No! Bad Wife! Bad!  What did I want, that would have caused so much excitement, and a  total shut down?  I wanted to pierce my lip, nose and eyebrow.....  Needless to say, my face is hole free..... sigh sigh

2.  To say that I am sarcastic would be putting it mildly.  I have been know to rip, rend and completely eviscerate with it, when the target completely deserves it.  I usually do play nice, but some people!

3.  I get totally addicted to one musical artist, and while under the thrall of that artist, just don't even try to listen to someone else.  The time of addiction varies, really without a rhyme or reason, seemingly.  Right now, it is Marilyn Manson 24/7.  I did listen to some Korn yesterday, so maybe my current addition is waning..... we shall see.

4.  Cooking is a passion. Not so much desserts, maybe because I really don't have much of a sweet tooth?  I enjoy reading cookbooks from cover to cover.  My current go to cuisine is Thai.  The complex layering of flavors fascinates me.  What don't I like to eat?  Hominy and stewed okra comes right to mind.  A friend tells me hominy is good with green chili and cheese..... is that to hid the flavor???? And any food that produces it's very own snot, like okra does?  No thank you!  If you are a lover of rice?  Find a Japanese rice cooker.  No really, best rice ever!

5.  The title of my blog a reference to the fact I get lost while out driving all the time.  Not as in, wtf where am I?  But, as in always in the wrong lane, thinking I need to turn left at a cross road, instead of right..... sigh.  So, to make it sound better, I am always taking the scenic route every time I leave the house!  "No, really I usually always go this way. Why?  Umm, this is the scenic route...."  And I normally don't plan on getting lost, so my getting lost is.... unscheduled!

6.  I would love to travel!  Where?  You name it, and most likely it is on my list of places I want to go.  If I had piles of unused money just laying around, it would be spent on travel.  Where would I want to go first?  Ireland, UK, New Zealand, Australia, Spain, Egypt, China.  Why these?  All of those places are a triple threat, scenery, history, and food.

Curious about me?  Wanna know something that you have been wondering about?  Just ask me.  I might not answer your question, but chances are I will.  So, ask away if you wish!

spiffy day everyone!


  1. OMG you would look so crazy with piercings!!! I'm kinda glad T.H. shot that down.

  2. good - well, i am a food lover, so when i come visit, u can cook me food! lol. :P

  3. I so think you need the lip ring .. sooooooooooooo think so ... yep ...and what musical instrument have you wanted to play but never learn how? Love Lee

  4. @Drew~~ Yeah, well I think the nose or the lip would have been fine.... but the eyebrow?

    @Aaron~~ Just let me know when you are in the country, and food will be yours!

    @Just~~I still want a lip ring..... yeah. The guitar! My Uncle tried to teach me, but my hands are two small to move well on the fret. Drums are fun!

  5. Hominy is good with RED chili, not green. Get a good recipe for posole (there should be an accent on the e, but i don't know how to put one on here).

    And... you don't have any holes on your face? Nostrils? Mouth? How do you breath? Do you look silly?

    My verification work is acidez. Sounds like and over the counter hallucinogenic.