Monday, August 1, 2011

Bad Dog No Biscuits!

 "Mom?  Would you mind watching Kobe while we are in Hawaii on our honeymoon?"

"I'd love to watch him!  He's such a little sweetie pie!"

Ahh, the "joy" of living with a 100lbs, 9 months old, untrained puppy.  Sigh....yeah.... lack of sleep for me,  the mass destruction of our stuff, and the sweetest dog when he wants to be.

 This is Kobe, also known as, "NO! DAMNED DOG, DROP IT!"  Doesn't he have the sweetest face?

While out one day, I bought a game for hubby and I to play, Labyrinth the Duel I unpacked the pieces left the box lid on the back of the sofa for just a second while I ran to the bathroom.  And this is what I came back to.  Yeah, I mended it with tape, but really I couldnt have been gone more than 2 minutes.

Yesterday I was doing dishes, and realized that someone wasnt laying on the floor in the kitchen. there he laid on the floor pleased as punch with himself chewing up TH's favorite hat.  While there is only a small hole in the front, the closure in the back is gone, gone, gone.

Remember the high school graduation we attended in May?  Well, that little sweetie made me a pillow one year for Christmas.  Yup, you guessed it he snagged it off the sofa while I was cooking supper, and was happily chewing his way thru it.  It and the other throw pillows, my emergency sweatshirt, are now under lock and key in the downstairs bath.
Yup, thats the guts of the above pillow, and the wee black bits?  Thats the closure of TH's hat.  Yes, before I could even get the pieces of the hat cleaned up, he had destroyed the pillow.

The new home of the garbage can.  Thats the only place out of his reach.  We had the trash in the bathroom for a while, but talk about a pain to keep having to walk to the bath to toss the trash.

The bride and groom come home tonight, and Kobe will be going to the airport with me, and then home with them, and boy howdy will I miss him.  I mean really what a sweet boy he is!

If you are wondering where I got the title from, tis a song from the "Cowboy Bebop" anime.  Written by the wondrously talented Yoko Kanno.  Here is the song...enjoy!


  1. Aw, poor thing.
    He's upset because his mommy and daddy went on vacation and didn't take him.
    Poor Kobe.


  2. Hopefully when you show them the damage, they will realize they need to train their animal! Yowza, that thing eats everything!

    Peace <3