Friday, July 29, 2011

Whew! What a whirl

Hi y'all!

Sorry I've been gone so long, but things have kinda piled up on me.  I was running on around 2-4 hours a sleep each night during the build up to the three big nights and I think it just caught up to me.  Been under the weather, we are puppy sitting, whom I'm allergic to, and now! have a tooth abscess, sigh....

So, will attempt to do some sort of run down on the week. 

 The cooking was exhausting, but everything came out wonderful!  I ended up only making 2 types of cookies, and we bought a cake, that hadnt been cut by the end of the evening.  On the journey of preparing all of that food, I learned several things:
1. to Never trust food allotments one finds on the web.  I had acres to much food!  An impressively large amount of leftovers actually.  TH took them to work for his co-workers to enjoy.
2.  when making potato salad, never boil the potatoes, but STEAM them!  Not only do the potatoes come out tasting much better, but is ever so much easier.  No large vats of water to lug around, no pouring of boiling water, just fill up the bamboo steamer stick it on the pan of water and steam away, and in a short 14 minutes, your potatoes are perfectly done. They seem to cool quicker and to my mind at least, absorb the flavors better.
3. a food processor makes short work of the slicing and shredding and I was a FOOL for not having one before this.  a total and complete id1ot!

I didnt get a very good picture to share with y'all, sorry about that.  The rest of 'em all have people in them.  But those are SOME of the containers of food.  I had another one of slaw and one more of broccoli salad.

So, the morning of the bridal shower I wake up to realize that I have mucked about so long trying to decide what to wear, that I have nothing to wear!  eep!  I have already decided not to wear a dress.  My sister in law and I were the only two who didnt wear a dress, but it wasn't commented on, at least to our faces.  I rush into the sewing room, and pull out my meager stash of fabric.  Last summer I bought some printed knit material, its soft and lightweight, it would look nice with a pair of white pants.  I look thru all of my patterns...holy ants and cats!  Those would all take forever to make!  Ok, time for a Project Runway Moment, I re-purposed a chinese coat pattern front, and bam!, I had the top done in a little over 2 hours.  The top is very comfortable to wear, cool on our "hot" days.  I've already worn it three times!

I dithered around so long, I never could decide on what top to make so I ended up wearing the skirt I made, a white sweater, and a teal top. I looked ok, not great, way out of the league of most of the people who attended. However, my clothing was so simple and for the most part, comfortable enough for me to ignore it most of the time. Here's a picture of the skirt, which wasnt hemmed when I took the picture.

Without a doubt, this was the best wedding I've ever attended.  Why?  Because the bride and groom GLOWED with happiness throughout the entire ceremony, and into the reception.  The best man, youngest did a great job with his speech.  He brought tears to everyone's eyes with his story.  Bride looked beautiful in her dress, dancing with her dad.  I didnt recognize the song they danced to, it was a country song.  For the song 3rd son and I danced to, was one we fell in love with on a family vacation to Hawaii.


  1. You sure had a lovely time, I'm glad to hear all efforts paid off. Your happiness really shines through! Never tried steaming potatoes though, maybe I should give it a shot?


  2. I'm glad to hear everything turned out so well.

    I hope your tooth doesn't bother you too much before you can get it taken care of, and that you soon get caught up on sleep.

  3. Sounds like a great time, and glad to hear the craziness is subsiding.

    PS Always steam veggies!
    And the food processor is a must have in my kitchen.
    And great PR moment! you made it work. Tim Gunn would be thrilled.

  4. AWESOME!!!!! All the way around!!!

    Peace <3

  5. Hello!

    A polite reminder: 5 on the fifth is a few days away...

  6. Sounds like you survived! :-D Glad that everything turned out well in the end.