Monday, July 4, 2011

Five on the Fifth

The theme this month is silver, which I'm interpreting into black and white, sorta kinda, you'll see.  And yeah, there are 6 pictures.  But after seeing one of my subjects in very close up-ness I thought maybe you'd like to see the entire thing!

A very weathered log on Fox Island.

 A drain grate at a historical house in downtown Anchorage.  I took many pictures of this, you might be seeing more of this grate in later posts.  I fell in Love with this grate.  Yes, I know, I'm well odd, but hey you already knew that about me.

 The water has a thick and viscous look to it.  Shooting water in black and white really changes how it feels.

A signpost at the pipeline viewing  station outside of Fairbanks.

An extreme close up of a grill.  To let you see what the rest of this gorgeous grill looks like.....

 A custom imperial serie CL convertible sedan built in 1932.  The CL model was built in limited numbers from 1932-1933 and is regarded by many as the greatest of all Chrysler's.  This was snapped at the wonderful auto museum in Fairbanks.  You can see the whole car if you visit the link.


  1. Well done! I can look for hours at all the details. Amazing and well spotted.


  2. Nicely done. I love taking pictures of water, it fascinates me. Now I have to try in B&W, too!

  3. Nice photos, thanks.

  4. Gorgeous pictures.
    i love the mysteriousness of black-and-white photography.

  5. Great pics - love the drain cover design.

    Thanks for playing!

  6. As always...AWESOME!

    Peace <3

  7. The weathered log looks like it could have been a lunar landscape.

    Great set of pics.

  8. Okay, I fell in love with that drain too. So now you don't have to feel so weird about it!


  9. Very nice pics. I especially love the signpost.

  10. The auto grill is just dazzling.
    The grate looks familiar to me. I think I may have seen that pattern somewhere myself.