Saturday, August 6, 2011


I was a wee bit surprised by the comments on my last post about how green it is here.  Summer is fleetingly short, but its a very intense summer.  No, not temp wise, at least compared to most places.  However the interior does record the highest temps each summer, ....and sigh the coldest winter temps.

I love to grow food.  Not really all about growing flowers, I love to look at 'em, but meh about growing them.  I suppose at heart, I'm a farmer.  This spring we built two earthtainers, I haven't grown anything in a few years, and was really feeling the lack.  We bought 2 tomato plants and 2 cucumber plants.  As of today, this is what they look like.

A close up of some of the tomatoes.

Some of them that were picked today.  Not all of them in the above picture were ready yet, some were hidden under the dense foliage.

A view up into the air.  I love, love, love trees.  The sound of the wind ruffling their leaves.  The dappled shadows they draw upon our mundane earth bound life.

And Daniel and Newleaf are right, most of Alaska is riddled with mosquitoes.  Any shady place, any damp area are filled with the wee little blood suckers, unless there is a nice breeze blowing, you are either spraying the bug dope, or waving your arms like a fool. This pic was snapped on the RUN! due to the kamikaze brigades of voracious mosquitoes.  Which for some unknown reason is our state insect.  Could it be one needs a highly developed sense of sarcasm to live happily in our state?

TH went fishing for king salmon down on the Kenai River.  These last few pictures are courteous of him.  This is really the color of the water, no optic tricks here.  Its glacier fed, and is beyond beautiful in real life.

A nice little moose family by the river.

Hope you enjoyed seeing a bit of our fabulous summer!  Now, I'm off to make meatloaf and mashed potatoes, yummi!  Then for afters local made ice cream from Hot Licks.  To top the day off, we are going to the late show for Cowboys and Aliens.  I've heard uneven things about this movie.  But I mean come on!  Aliens??? WITH  cowboys?  Hot cute guys on horses, what's not to like? 

See ya all laters!


  1. Great photos, nice plants. You may have a short summer but you sure do it up right!

  2. I hate mosquitoes. Nasty little buggers they are, lol.

    And I think the concept of that movie is just bizarre. o_O

  3. Even though I'm not particularly found in tomatoes I have to admit there is something really special and irresistible tempting when they're fresh sun-warm and self-grown. Lovely red colour! Will you save one for me? LOL


  4. Awesome! Looks soooo great, even with the mosquitoes - I've dealt with them in New England, so I'm used to them, and have a foolproof deterrent: Rectified Oil of Pine Tar, mixed with metholyptus, and a whole host of other stinky stuff - but it works!

    Peace <3