Friday, January 15, 2010

random things times 10

Hello!! New and shiny followers!!  So nice to have you come and visit, pour yourself something cool to drink, or warm depending on your preference and get comfy for our visit.  So, I think most of you know me pretty well by now, but still there are some weirdness lurking around that ya just don't know.  There are a few things on the list that I will admit are fodder for teasing, and I'm cool with it, so let the teasing begin!

1.)   Ok, this is something that is definitely fodder for teasing, and that's why I started my list with this....... I like polka music.  Yes, polka.  And, I enjoy dancing the polka too.....

2.)   I don't like jelly on my peanut butter sandwiches.  My favorite way to eat a peanut butter sandwich?  
with Miracle Whip, and a few leaves of iceberg lettuce.

3.)   I would rather eat with my fingers than silverware.  But, not when I'm out to eat, or having company  in.  I do have some manners.....

4.)   One cup of coffee can jack me up for the entire day.  Yes, just one cup, and no, not super strong                          
either.  In fact my coffee is a very light brown, almost a tan with the amount of milk I add.  Oh, and
lashings of sugar.

5.)   I used to play both the violin and the piano.  Strange thing though was that reading music for me was  always a struggle, luckily after only a few times playing the piece I usually had it memorized.

6.)   For the life of me I can't remember phone numbers, yes including my own.  However, if I have dialed the number enough, you can just hand me the phone I can dial it for you..... I don't know or understand it either.

7.)   Number one played song in my itunes list is "What I've Done" by Linkin Park.  How many times?
Oh, only 423...  And the lest played from my Top 25 Most Played Songs on itunes is "Twisted Transistor" by Korn at 161.  I have only listened to that song for about 5 months or so.

8.)  I love to swim!  Water, I swear is my natural element. Six months preggers I could out swim T.H.!  And not by a teensy bitty bit, but not even half way there before I was done..  My favorite stroke used to be the butterfly.  When done correctly, not only do you fly thru the water, it just feels perfect in some weird way to me.  I tried out for the swim team in high school, didn't make it due to my poor diving ability coupled with my slow back stroke.  But, came in the top 3 in breast stroke and crawl during practices before I was cut from the team.

9.)   I have a collection of teddy bears.  My favorite one is just a brown jointed bear that came with a sticker on his tummy that said, "tip me i growl".  So, I did what the sticker said, tipped him and he.... well he mooed.  Yeah, mooed like a cow.  Of course that lead to tipping everyone bear on the stand and they all growled except that one bear.  It was a week before Christmas, and all I could think about was the land of misfit toys, so of course he had to come home with me.

10.)   I don't really care for greasy or fatty foods, but every now and again I just gotta have a plate of something fried!  French fries, onion rings, fried fish...... what have ya not so picky.  How often does the desire for fried items hit me?  Umm about every two or three months I'd say.  I'm super picky about how much butter goes on my toast, very little on super crunchy toast.  Don't eat the fat around any meat.  But love bacon cooked very crisp, none of this floppy bacon for me thank you!

Ginormous hugs for all of my new and old followers, meeting all of you has enriched my life beyond my wildest imagination.  My life since I have meet you is so much richer, fuller and I'm happier than I have been in many a long while.  And a special shout out to Victor the rodeo star!



  1. Ahh... I so love to find random facts like these! Thank you thank you thank you!!


  2. I can't help but ask ? if we tipped you over do you growl lol ... awesome find.... and you so know how I feel about our paths crossing. I so not going to let you get away with Polka either. Lol means you can't go ewwww to my taste lmao... ( I do love the sound of a accordion. Love Lee

  3. My variation on the peanut butter sandwich is to put mayonaise (or Miracle Whip) on one slice of the bread, peanut butter on the other slice of the bread and sliced banana in between. Optional, sprinkle peanuts in with the banana for a crunch.

    Knowing how to dial that number is called "muscle memory." See

  4. yeehaw

    oh wait...
    so peanut butter and brown sugar. or peanut butter and tunafish. it has to be the kind packed in water though, or it's slimy and nasty.

  5. One cup of coffe? That doesn't get me past my first cigarette in the morning :)

    I wonder, is three machine loads of coffee in an average day excessive?


  6. You must be related to my grandfather; he made disgusting sandwiches like that (I can't stand mayonnaise or Miracle Whip). These days, I usually just use PB but sometimes add jam or preserves.

    I like to put peanut butter on hot dogs. It's delicious. Of course, nowadays it's veggie hot dogs but, still, yummmmm.

  7. Did you ever make your own Teddy Bears like at "Build-a-Bear" or such? They have a talking chip you can put in and make say (or moo) anything you want. What would you put on it?

  8. I am so glad that you rescued that poor, poor bear from the island of Misfit toys. I often dreamed of traveling to that island and rescuing them all.. but alas, all i ever got as gifts were legos.

    Lots of love,

    PS: Great post! Secret word is: Pansi! lol