Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Perry v. Schwarzenegger Trial Begins in the Supreme Court

Yesterday the Supreme Court heard opening remarks in the Perry v. Schwarzenegger trial.  I won't go into details here due to the fact it is much better to read it yourself.  All the links are at the bottom of the page.  But, reading the trials give and take is fascinating, the first witness up is a historian who is laying the groundwork demonstrating the years of discrimination, and doing a bang up job of it too.

This is fascinating reading on many fronts. The first of which of course is to see this horrible discrimination come to an end in our country. And the second is the fact that it is happening in our lives.  This is something that will be remembered for many years, and we have front row seats!  No matter how this court case comes down, I think it will be a seminal moment in our country's history.  As other "recent" country defining snapshots have been.  President Kennedy's and Martin Luther King Jr. assassinations,  civil rights movement, the peace marches, and of course 9-11.

This morning when I woke up, I noticed a strange silence over most of blogger land and was very surprised by the silence.  I would have thought that this one topic would have been on the finger tips of every blogger!  I would have thought that discussions and debates would have flowing back and forth fizzing thru the web and buzzing in everyones head.  My blog roll is fairly long, and out of all of them, only two are talking about the trial.  Two!  This could be the year when gay marriage is finally legalized in our country.  Not some pale imitation like civil unions, but honest and true marriage.  Or this is could be the year when the many years of hard work to win legal protections and freedoms is rolled back to zero....

If you are against marriage for LGBT thinking it will dilute the gay culture, that I can understand.  Assimilation is the way most people lose their culture, and you are proud of who you are.  This court case is still vitally important to your future and I truly can't understand the silence.  Why or how is this case important to you?  If it is proven by the highest court of law that discrimination is acceptable when dealing with marriage for LGBT, what other legal rulings will come under attack?  What other protections that have been hard won could be pulled back?  Yes, it could happen.

Start reading, keep up on the current events of this trial, and if you are a praying sort, pray this goes in favor for all LGBT.

Here are the two blogs that are discussing the trial:




Here are the opening remarks

And here is the step by step from the web site Prop 8 Trial Tracker.  There are several parts.



  1. Yeah I do know what's going on I've been trying to think of I good time to talk about it myself

    Guess this is the time

  2. We do know what going on .. but it still in the process remember we seen this before.... on other issues'.... so waiting ... but watching ... be more interested on what the ending curtails ...although I love your heart and passions... but the next three weeks will be interesting for sure waiting for more myself ( as I told you have actual hope for this step) ... Love Lee

  3. Thanks for the shout-out, but with the "no cameras" it's kind of a waiting game
    Glad you provided links to other sights as well.

  4. Thanks for bringing attention to the monumental nature of this trial.

    I must admit my reading about the trial has kept me from writing a reaction (because there's a lot to read), as I intend to do. Waiting has also played a role in this.

  5. For me living outside US it's interesting (and sometimes I have to admit, scary) to have an insight view on what's going on.
    Thanks for the links, I'll catch up on the subject.


  6. Thanks for the shout on this, Biki. I'll follow it of course but I very rarely discuss politics on my blog.