Sunday, April 7, 2013

When Its Spring Time In Alaska

TH wanted a new camera for his b'day, as his old one had died a horrid chip death.  So, he was out and about yesterday learning the tricks of his new camera and snapped these.

This is typical "spring" weather for April.  Today it is -10 and snowing like crazy, over an inch already and still coming down.

If your interested in a web cam in downtown Fairbanks, visit here..... arctic cam.

Meanwhile in Arizona, I sat out on my porch and finished the sweater I've been knitting for the daughter-in-law to be, it was 81 and pleasant as as can be.  Walked to the grocery store and when I came home my two mallard buddies were playing in the pond.  Yeah, I know there is only one in the photo, the other one is swimming in the larger part of the pond.

When I first came to Alaska Johnny Horton was da' man! in interior Alaska.  TH used to sing me this song all the time, and it always makes me it just makes me miss him.

The pictures on the video are all the extreme north and upper northwest of Alaska.


  1. It was 79 but overcast today. I miss the sun.

  2. It was so nice hear last week that it felt like an early spring, but it has been raining in true Washington style all of this week, I sure wish that the sunshine and warm would come back.

  3. I got a chill just looking at those pictures.
    Where's my sweater?

  4. There are times I appreciate living in the South! Today it was about 80 outside, beautiful sunny day. My windows are open, no AC, no heat, SCREW Dominion Power! HAHAHAHAHA

    Peace <3

    (congrats on finishing the sweater, I know how hard you've been working on it!)