Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Pizza + Fiber = A Happy Man

Life since the doctor discovered my many food allergies has been eye opening in many ways.  I've realized that I've been sick my entire life.  Life before the diagnosis I would drag my carcass thru the day and every day was an effort.  Now?  I dart about hither and yon, my mind is constantly questing for more input, after a 4 hour shift at the library where I dont sit the entire time and am a blur of activity, I'm still full of energy.  Totally amazing to be this way.

There has been impressive weight loss as well, from where 12's were tight-ish to wearing size 8!  Well, not in Lucky jeans, but they run mega small... even in them I'm wearing a 10.  So, yeah. amazing.  When I get back from the wedding trip, I need to buy some new jeans.  All I have that fits are capri shorts.  lol lol to call them "shorts" is an oxymoron, as they come nearly to my ankles.

While I have been tempted to cheat and eat foods I know will make me sick, I have been the model patient and havent cheated once.  However, I dream of pizza....lordy do I miss pizza....wow...yeah.  Many of the local pizza places have gluten free crusts, Score!  Pizza is still out of reach tho due to cheese, sigh.  Two days ago, I was tormenting myself by visiting my favorite pizza restaurant's website, and nearly dropped my lap top, they have vegan cheese!!!  Whoo-hoooooooooo!  Yesterday that was my main bullet point on my to-do list.  I go in, check the menu, yup yup they have gluten free, dairy free.   At that point I'm minutes from having pizza again, and am praying ever so fervently for the pizza to taste like pizza!

The pizza came and smelled heavenly, looked terrific and tasted WONDERFUL!  Bite after fantastic bite, bite, bite, bite....Wow!  I took the rest home for supper.  Interestingly enough I didnt feel heavy and bloated and sleepy like I used to be after eating pizza, that in itself was an eye opener.

I started the youngest's wife-to-be a sweater back at the start of December, but finally finished!  This has been the longest knit, ever!  The pattern was tricky, and if I was tired it was impossible to knit as I really needed pay attention close attention to where I was in the pattern repeat.  For the most part I couldnt watch tv while knitting either, it was just that difficult.  Its in my suit case ready for the Wedding Trip, where I'll give it to her.  Lordy I hope it fits and she likes it.....!!!  I'm not the best knit wear photographer, so my snaps arent all the good, but at least you can have an idea what it looks like.  The sweater is a deep black, but the light from the window really washed it out.  Without the sunlight I couldnt get the stitch pattern to show up nicely. 


  1. Pizza, I would have a hard time living without, though i'd be tempted to try the gluten-dairy-free one to see what it's like.

    That sweater is gorgeous. You are so talented!

  2. I love that sweater!

    And pizza is awesome. I usually order Domino's at least once a week. With the OT I'm working it might be twice within the next four days.

  3. It's so good to hear you so energetic! That's awesome. It must be great to feel so good so much of the time. I remember you "before" and how miserable you felt so often.

    The sweater is GORGEOUS!!!! WOW!!!! I can see how intricate it is, no wonder it took such concentration. I am sure the DIL-to-be will LOVE IT.

    Peace <3

  4. That sweater is amazing!

    I love pizza, although I don't eat it that often. I am so glad that you found a pizza that you can eat, and that you are feeling so much better on your new diet.