Sunday, April 14, 2013

Another day in paradise

 This gazebo was where youngest and his bride were married.  Their wedding was lovely, simple and tearful.  Her sister's husband died last summer in a horrific car crash, and when the officiant said the words, "to death do you part" she lost it.  She stood there bravely, with tears streaming down her face, not a sound left her lips, what a stalwart girl.

don't ya worry, i'll let ya know where i be, but just not yet!



    I am sooo happy the wedding came off without a hitch. Your new DIL sounds like a fine woman. We know your son is!

    Peace <3

  2. It's been overcast the past few days and rain is on the way. I'm even more jealous now!

    Glad the wedding went off without any problems.

  3. Hello. I am so utterly confused about transgenderness (if that's even the correct word...god I need educating). I have been given completely mixed messages about what being transgender actually means (I am cis if that isn't obvious).

    Some people seem to think that it is when an individual doesn't fit into the gender identity box that society provides them with: very feminine men or very masculine women, who decide that they would be better suited and more strongly identify with the life expected from the other sex. This is the message that I get from this video:
    However, I am disatisfied with this definition. Many cis women are more comfortable in traditionally male gender roles, and may be very masuline - but still identify as women. And vice versa.

    Other people seem to express transgenderness as being seriously uncomfortable with the body they are born in; finding their genitalia, body shape and general physical self to be completely alien to who their are inside.

    Which of these definitions are most accurate, or is it something else entirely? Or a combination? Or is it different to everyone? I really want to become more educated and understanding of this.

  4. I am glad to hear that the wedding went well!

    Sure wish that I was where you are the weather looks so much nicer!

  5. Sounds like a lovely ceremony in a gorgeous place ....
    again WHERE IS IT?????? =)