Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My grand baby is a fangirl!

Once a week or so, I go over to the son's house and babysit while they get a chance to have some together time. The go out to eat, see a movie, or one night they did both! They both came back looking much more relaxed and refreshed. Because babies, for being such a small scrap of humanity, are very adept at completely taking over homes, lives and bending everyone to their tiny wills and very loud and very demanding needs.

So, wee little one and I were getting along wonderfully, she had been giving me her patented smiles, and I was talking to her, patting her tummy as she laid on her blanket on the floor, kicking and wiggling and just being a happy little person. Then she felt that she might have a corner of her tummy that was maybe not as full as necessary, so out came the whimpers, and the sad faces. In short order, her tummy corner was filled, her diaper changed and a nice sized burp had been coaxed out of her.

However for some reason known only to her, it was still whimper fussy city. Hmmm.... So, I picked her up and patted and rocked and walked and talked and still fussy fussy fussy! Sigh... In a weird moment of I'll try anything, I pulled my trusty Iphone from my pocket, clicked on the Itunes, and Miyavi was already to play. And wee little one, shut up! Her eyes got huge. She laid perfectly still listening to Miyavi sing. Ok! When the song came to an end, I tried other artists but none of them seemed to make her as happy as Miyavi did. And if you are wondering, No! I didn't play Marilyn Manson! Give me some credit.

Before she drifted off that night for her evening nap, she must have listened to this song 4 or 5 times. So now, whenever I babysit, this is the song I play for her when she is fussy.



  1. Hahaha, quite amusing. :-P Babies are random and awesome like that.

  2. lol ... hmmm wonder, where and what her taste are going to be. At least she going to have a broad choice to chose from.... lol. It is so amazing to watch them learn and discover .... lol am shock no Manson!!!!

  3. lol you have quite a picky granddaughter on your hand that's for sure lol

    Glad you two had fun take care biki

  4. ahh!.. what a wonderful world eh? babies are wayy fascinating creatures and they do take over the household :)

  5. I wanna come and have you babysit me. You can feed me, but don't bother about the burping!

    I hope you are well. We should catch up soon! Love ya!