Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Junk drawer

Since I keep getting asked how I am doing, will start there, and then we'll just root around in the junk drawer.  As a whole, I'm doing alright.  I do admit however that something broke inside of me two weeks ago, and I'm just not the same person inside.  Part of what I'm feeling is anger at once again setting aside my wishes and desires for someone else.  The good thing that has come out of it, is that I'm no longer such a door mat to TH's (the husband) desires and wishes.  I'm not backing down any longer, he got the last big thing out of me that I'm willing to give to him.

Prop 8 and the straight Americans.  So, I had my hair cut today, it came out to short, so next time will have to be more clear about what I want, but any way....  We started talking about recent movies we had seen, and thought I would see how she felt about gay marriage.  I started talking about the documentary "8: The Mormon Proposition"  She listened for a while and then asked what prop 8 was.  What this says to me is that the current struggle for civil rights for LBGT people isn't reaching a great many of Americans.  Does anyone watch the news on ABC, CBS, or NBC so you could tell me if or how these stations are covering the fight for gay marriage, for the repeal of DADT, or the fight to pass ENDA?  I'm thinking that the alliances that are fighting for civil rights maybe should re-think their battle plans, because it seems as though the status quo isn't reaching the people we need to reach.

Summers swan song.  I've noticed in the last week, some of the trees are showing yellow leaves here and there.... we are almost out of summer and into fall.  Two Sunday's ago, it was 88, this last Sunday was all of 58.  My what a diff in only one week.  Oh well, maybe we will have one of those super long falls that we are sometimes blessed with.

Smoke on the water, and in the air, etc.  This summer has been a really low forest fire season.  Fire season started galloping quickly down the straight away as soon as the snow melted off, and at one point in June we had already surpassed some years total fire acreage, and then due to a really rainy July, most all of them are out, and no new ones started.  There is one fire though that just wont die!  Its fairly close to our town, and its in a military bombing range, and the military doesn't want fire fighters out there wandering around, possibly getting blown up.  So, the fire smolders, and smokes, and then in a dry spell will crackle and spread.  Today was a really smoky day,  I'm just hoping that the snow finally puts a death note on it.  Though they have been known to smolder under the snow all winter long.  If you're interested in looking at the smoke and the current fires, visit UAF Smoke.

Hooked!  Tomorrow we leave to head for the Kenai River to go silver salmon fishing.  I haven't been in many years, and am excited to go.  I love fishing for silvers for two reasons,  They are super tasty fish, I love them canned, grilled and broiled.  If you get the chance to eat grilled or broiled salmon, try the skin, if its crispy, it's super delicious!  It seems that most tourists are only interested in fishing for king salmon, which I don't think is as tasty, so the river is much less crowded.  This late in the tourist season too, so that does help ease the traffic on the river.


  1. I agree with you about the population at large being ignorant of LGBT issues. Whenever people ask if I'm married, I always say "No, because it's illegal."
    I get that dog look, head cocked to one side, eyes quizzical.
    "Well, at least it's illegal except in places like Massachusetts and Iowa and so on."
    Then they get it, and they seem shocked that it's true.
    I want to slap them and tell them to Pay Attention!

  2. Oh I'm so pleased we agree that most Americans need to wake up to gay rights! (I always knew you did.)

    You sound, if I may say so to be be much more newsy and bright just now - nattering on about all sorts of stuff. We have to eat farmed Salmon most of the time (simply coz its available and fresh & wild isn't. So can I come with you?

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