Saturday, August 14, 2010

Watch, cheer and cry

I've been spending a great amount of time reading  prop8trialtracker lately.  I'm eager for the latest tidbits of how the case in California  is going, and need updates several times a day.  Today this video was featured. I'm posting it here not knowing how many people do visit this worthy site, because this video should not be missed!

Her name is Patti Ellis, and this woman is a most excellent mother.  If only more parents were like this, our world would be perfect, or as close to it as us flawed humans can manage.

The video is from Anthony Ash click the link to read his entire article.


  1. lol yep agree... love her... love is love and always well be no matter the sex!!!! or who it bothers .... wish more was like her ... time to stop throwing away people for differences and start tolerating people . But agree your kids are you kids... no matter what...I am lucky... was lucky enough to raise my kids that differentness ... is key. Just because one person loves a man and another a women it is still love. It time for the right wing to stop calling the shots ...

  2. I love her closing statement:

    "I would say to you, that your son needs you now more than he ever needs you. That day you dropped him off at kindergarten, he never questioned whether you would be there to love him when he got home. Now he questions that, because he knows he risks every day of society what people think of gay people."