Saturday, October 29, 2011

down but not out

not long after my last post, TH came home with a fever, cough and sneezes loud enough to wake the neighbors.  usually i dont catch things, so i'm a great nurse that way.  TH managed to recover in a about 6 days, normal path for a virus, and was back up running again.  but whatever killer virus he brought home about laid me out.  i'd get better for a few days, and then wake up feverish and sick again.  but i've felt better now for about 4 days, so i'm hoping that my feet are firmly on the path of health.  today for the first time in ages managed to walk on our treadmill.  what a joke that was.  took me 6 minutes to walk 0.11!  but at least im walking again after endless days marooned in bed or the sofa.

now if only this good health continues!


  1. Sorry to hear you got sick. It's going around the office and I've managed to stay healthy so far. Get better soon!

  2. Hi Biki,
    Glad to hear you're better now. SIck at any time sux. We are getting snow here now.. I guess you have had that for a while now?


  3. Being sick SUCKS. Get well soon!! Rest up.

  4. Feel better.

    And stay off that treadmill til you do!

  5. Sorry to hear. Get well soon!


  6. Ugh. Sick is NO fun! Last time I had the crud (doc swore it wasn't the flu), I was laid up for 6 days, too. Misery. Glad you're feeling better, Biki!!

    Peace <3