Tuesday, October 4, 2011

5 on the fifth

Yup folks its that time of the month again, yippee!!  So after getting a gander of my pictures wander on over to Stephen's blog and say "hi!" and look at all the other eye candy.  And without further ado...here we go! 

The theme by the by is "pleasure", and my first thought was not "G" rated, but after a bit of thought came up with these pictures.

 Seeing an Apollo capsule, in real life, whoa that gave the geek boy in me a huge jolt of pleasure.  I wanted to touch it so very badly, but was good and didn't. sigh

 Din-o-saurs!!!  Need I say more!

Bristle Combs!  Went to an aquarium in Chattanooga while down in the Atlanta area, and saw all manner of creatures.  These however are a special favorite of mine.  At one time I thought about becoming a marine biologist, but wee babies kept me in dry dock.

 The Black Keys in concert!  Let me tell you they ripped it up! As you can see, I wasn't all bowed up near the stage.  It was hot and muggy and this Alaskan isn't used to the heat nor the crowds, so no go.  If you are wondering why there is a fence between us?  Its cause TH bought VIP tickets, so there were seats, and air conditioned bathrooms, and really yummy free food!  The fence is to keep the rabble out ya know! LOL

Is there any better pleasure than spending time with really wonderful friends?  If there is, I sure don't know what it would be.  This is my friend's back garden at night, what a perfect evening it was.  A warm beautiful night, the air was scented with the perfume of the garden, and peaceful, happy companionship.

And there you have a mini snapshot of my trip to Atlanta.


  1. Sounds like you had a great trip. :-)

  2. I'm glad you had a great time!

  3. looks like you had a great time :)

  4. Atlanta? Is there any remaining legacy of the '96 Olympics to be seen? Or has it all, erm, 'Gone With the Wind'?

  5. I love your friend's fountain.

  6. Love the pictures.
    i never knew you were a geek boy!

  7. It's a pleasure as a fellow geek to see the first three included :-)

  8. Wonderful photos! I love the first three.

  9. Hey Biki - great photos. Awesome pic of the capsule. Nice fountain in your friend's backyard. Also love the dinosaur.

  10. Brilliant pics, thank you! I really love the cute alien-shadow on the capsule.


    ps I miss your posts

  11. Beautiful pics! I swear one of these days I'll get out there and do 5 on the 5th, too!

    Peace <3