Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mechanized machines of death

When my friend....ok this is awkward so we shall give my friend a nom de plume....lets call him....Steve!  Ok, so when Steve found out that I've never ridden a roller coaster that was placed on the menu of things that HAD to be accomplished while visiting.  I was game because coasters go fast, my favorite thing almost ever.  As we walked from the parking lot, I was noticing just how high some of these coasters were......a sinking feeling started to build within my stomach, because your loyal blogger is petrified of heights.  I tend to walk up very slowly up to hand rails that loom over several story drops, and the only ladder I'll happily climb is a 6 foot model.  Silly me I hadn't realized they were quite so tall.

Now, I made it quite clear that I needed to start slow and easy on this adventure.  After Steve spent some time looking at the map o' fun he determined that the best ride would be one called Mind Bender.  I looked at it with some apprehension, however he's been riding coasters for 30 years, so I bowed to his greater knowledge and got ready for my first coaster experience.  About half way up the climb to the top, I started to panic a bit at how high up we were going, so I became very interested in the mans nape in front of me, chanting my worn out mantra, "don't look down, don't look down...." and just as I was beginning to think, oh this isnt so bad, the world dropped out from under me.  I was terrified from that point on, and I never knew that terror could keep growing ever larger, but mine sure did!  When thankfully the ride came to a halt, about 100 million years later, I was a shaking leaf of a person.  I shook and quivered and have to admit that I required a long long long hug to be able to move again.

So, we walked around the park, Steve got on other coasters, I quite happily sat and people watched.  Then the brain started kicking in, oh my stupid, stupid brain!, "hmm, maybe it was the loops that were the worst bit of the ride, and maybe just maybe a non-looping ride would be ok??"

"Hey Steve!  Is there any coasters that don't loop? I think that's what scared me."

"Well, yeah! We could ride the Georgia Cyclone!"

"There's NO loops, right?"  I gave Steve a hard, hard look, cause he's a bit of a trickster.

"NO!  This is a replica of the one from Coney Island...."  And truth to be told at that point of the story I kinda zoned out.  So, off we trekked to the Cyclone.  Only to be terrified by this ride as well.  Ok, tis a potent combination of both drops and loops that scare me colorless, the drops alone are only slightly less terrifying, no shaking like a leaf after this ride, but still a ride that was horribly scary.

More walking about the park, more watching and blanching at the rides Steve happily rode and making the FIRM decision to NEVER EVER RIDE A COASTER AGAIN!, we came to Bugs Bunny Land.  Oh, the land of the Loony Tunes!  Fun, and there a coaster sat, gleaming in the afternoon sun.   I begin to think....."tis Loony Tunes!  For wee kids!  How bad could it be?"

"Um, Steve?  Could we ride this one?"

"Sure! This one is fun!  OH..... I suppose we should have started here...."

Standing in line for a little kids ride made me feel quite silly and overly large, but pfft! At that point ask me if I cared.  All I was worried about that I would once again be scared stupid.  The cars came to a stop and we got ready to ride the Wile E. Coyote Canyon Blaster.  

I LOVED this ride!  Rode it twice!  Would have ridden this ride all day, and loved every single moment of it.  It turns out that in the world of coasters?  Yeah, I'm like 7.


  1. I have been enjoying your return to posting, I know its off topic but have you been fallowing the ocupy wallstreet protest and its national off shoots?

  2. I lovelovelove coasters.
    Carlos hateshateshates them.

    Tis a struggle.

  3. In the interest of historical accuracy, I must intervene!


    We started with Mind Bender because I thought Canyon Blaster was no longer with us (the last time I rode it was the mid-1970s). I had scanned the (crappy) map when we arrived and couldn't find it, plus a park employee I asked indicated it was no longer with us. Admittedly, I couldn't remember the name and called it "the kiddie coaster," but come on!

    I had no idea Biki was not enjoying Mind Bender 'til it ended. I'm not sure I've ever felt so horrible in my life as I did to discover it terrified him so. I was quite prepared to leave the park after that, had he asked. Many, many, many thanks for not!

    I nixed the Dahlonega Mine Train, despite it being a rather mild coaster, because it's a very jerky ride, and it stops at the end rather like a car hitting a wall. I hurt my back the last time I rode it, in fact.

    When Biki suggested he could maybe take a non-looping coaster, we rode The Great American Scream Machine, not the Georgia Cyclone. I first rode it in the summer of 1974, and it's still one of my favorites. The Cyclone is faster (I think) and much more violent, and I love it, but I never would've taken Biki on it. Nota Bene: when it opened in 1973, the Scream Machine was the world's tallest roller coaster.

    While waiting to get on Superman: Ultimate Flight, I scanned the map some more and discovered that the "kiddie coaster" was, in fact, still around! We made a beeline (well, as much of one as can be made at an amusement park) to Bugs Bunny Land, and I was sooooooo relieved that Biki ended up enjoying it!

    Lest this comment sound like sour grapes, I had a wonderful time for Biki's entire visit, and my hubby and I both eagerly await his next! No Six Flags next time, though.


  4. It's too bad coasters aren't your thing, but hey, we can't all be roller coaster nuts! I head for the head of the line for every coaster at every park! Love 'em!

    But I'm glad you had fun!!!

    Peace <3

  5. I'm not a fan of roller coasters myself either, haha. I also have a fear of heights, so . . . yeah.

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