Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I tend to work on TH's last nerve, or thats what he likes to tell people, but I know the truth, he loves it when I tweak him.  A few years ago, before he went back to work, cause I dont care what people say, 50 is way to young to retire, TH turned into a real bear to live with.  He was grumpy, short tempered, and all the fun had drained out of him.  There were many, many days where it was all i could do, not to murder-ize him. 

So one day after a partically trying day, I decided to tweak him, and the assault began.  I carefully laid a sheet of newspaper between the bed and the bottom sheet.  He got into bed, and it kept crinkling every time he moved.  He leaped up and ripped the bed apart with a roar.  At this point I was thinking, "hmm did I go a bit to far?"  Then TH began to laugh so hard tears ran down his face.  The next day saw a much more pleasant TH to be with. 

Since that night I've put the oddest things on his side of the bed, cheerios, metal washers, pennies, etc.  And oddments in his shoes, coat pockets, hats, fingers of his gloves.  Adding things to the inside of his gloves didnt go over well, the pennies got stuck in the fingers and he was almost late to his appointment!  So, that's a no-go-zone!

Then about 2 years ago he got a job at the local goldmine as a night warehouseman.  At first he was happy to head out to a job he loved, then last summer he was worried to leave me alone for 14 hours at a stretch.  And while the suicidal thoughts have for the most part fled, he still worries.  Years ago one of us ordered something or other, and this wee red dragon came with.  Last summer began the hiding of the dragon in unexpected places, it gave me something else to think about, and him a surprise. 

We take turns hiding our dragon around where the other will find it.  He's been on top of the shower stall with my toothbrush wedged along his back.  After a bath, he hid in the ice maker waiting for TH to fill his water bottle for work.  He was hanging from the switch on the bedside lamp yesterday for me to find.  Today he perched on TH's door handle waiting for him to leave for work.  Each time we hid or find our wee dragon, it makes us grin, yes we are really that easy.

TH and I have this running argument about locking my hatch on my car.  When he drives my car, the first thing he does is lock it.  Then because I'm not expecting it to be locked because I NEVER lock it, I go to open it and about rip my fingers off.   GRR!  The last time that happened, I told him, "Look!  It's my car and a cheap one at that, why would anyone want to steal it?  So. Leave. The. Hatch. UNLOCKED!" 

Now, I own this pair of pants I dearly love...except for the republican pockets.  Why do I call 'em that?  Cause they are good for nothing!   But really, they have to be the most useless pockets I've seen in a long time.  I forgot and put my iphone in the front pocket, and off I go to get my kona coffee for the morning cuppa.  Somewhere along the way, I felt my phone evacuate my pocket, sigh.  After pulling into my parking spot, I started looking for the phone, to find it wedged under the passenger seat.  I put my keys in my pocket, and get into the back seat, and after much wiggling around finally managed to lever my phone out.  I locked the doors, and went in to get my coffee.  On the way to the car....I realized my keys weren't in my pocket.  Ok, no reason to panic, I have loads of pockets.  Search, search, search...oh fuck.  Hoping that I was the last one to drive the car, I walk around the back and tried the latch.... success!!!  It only took me a few moments to work my way into the back seat, to find my keys laying on the floor. 

When I woke TH up to go to work, I said to sleepy him, "Well, I just won the argument."

"Huh?  We were having an argument?"

"Yup!  We were, and I won."

"Baby, I just woke up, what ARE you talking about?"

So, I put the poor dear out of his misery and told him the whole story. Which proves his point, that with it unlocked my car is easily gotten into.  But today, it saved my butt, cause we dont have a phone in our bedroom, I would have had to call a taxi to get me home....but then no way in, and you cant hear the doorbell from our bedroom.... so yeah. 

Oh yeah, hopefully I've learned my lesson about putting things in those front pockets!


  1. Your front pockets sound like my back pockets. I hate using those!

  2. I love winning an argument with a sleeping husband.

  3. Nice post. Love the dragon.

  4. GREAT post! WOOHOO! Love it all, the "games", the fun, the keys, the hatch!

    See I never get out of my vehicle if the keys aren't in my hand. So I can't lock them in. Hopefully.

    Peace <3