Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lookin out my Backdoor

If it is March, it is time for the Ice Festival in Fairbanks.  So, we loaded up the truck with our winter gear and headed off to Fairbanks to check out what has been carved so far.  Only the single blocks have been finished and judged.  The multi block sculptures are still being worked on.  The single blocks weigh 5 tons and are 3x5x8.  The multi blocks are built out of 12 blocks that are 3x3x4 and weight up to 20 tons!  Here are a few of my favorites.  Pictures courtesy of T.H. (the husband).
This is called Cell-R-Ice

Swimming Free

Junk Shark

Chasing the Wind

This is a sneak peek at one of the multi block sculptures in progress.  We had such a good time, even though the weather was cold, it was about 8F or-13C.  I did get really cold, even thru all of my gear.  When the large ones are finished, I want to go back and see more!


  1. What a fantastic thing!

    For us in the UK ice sculptures are things we rarely see - and pretty much on in an occasional tv programme or, of course, on your excellent blog!

    Did you have grog?

  2. Absolutely fantastic! Thank so much for showing these to us


  3. Amazing. True art. I wish I could have seen all that with my own eyes.