Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Landyn!

  This is a birthday shout out to a very dear young man.  I am making your wishes this year.  Yeah!  I know this is your job as the birthday boy, but pffft, since when did I ever follow rules???

1.  That you will find your hearts desire, and they will love you forever!
2.   You are a successful at what ever you undertake.
3.   Every rainy day ends with a rainbow.
4.   Friends beyond counting!  (oh yeah, this one is already granted!)
5.   At long last, you realize what a truly good person you are.

6.   When you most need a hug, there are caring arms to fall into.
7.   In the dark of night, when all seems bleak, a candle will kindle to keep           you company until the sun awakens.
8.   Laughter to sweeten every day!
9.   Someone to kiss your tears away.
10.  Hands to hold, loves to hug, lips to kiss, hearts to share.

Happy Birthday my Angel Boy!

Landyn, go and see your birthday card here.


  1. I second those wishes! lol

    And thank you for your hard work in putting his present together. :)


  2. Yep ... love your idea,,,,, amazed and glad I am your friend.... Love Just

  3. You are soooo sweet Biki!

    Thank you sooooo mcuh for everything, you are so awesome.

    HUGS and kisses,