Sunday, April 26, 2015

Wow Gee Golly Gosh!

Sorry for the long delay in my travelog, but I became sad from missing TH.  It was FABULOUS to be together for 11 wonderful, thrilling, quietly together days.

I don't have any of my own pictures of this beach due to us going to swim and not wanting to leave cameras or phones unwatched. 

Ok, remember Pu'uhonua o Hounaunau from the last post?  Right across the bay is a "beach" called Two Step. The building in the distance is the temple in the Pu'uhonua (refuge) area.  There is no sand at this beach and only the very edge where the waves wash it are smooth enough not to hurt tender feet.  This lava is like walking on brillo pads, very sharp!  See that wee bit of sand up against the greenery?  That is a shallow sand lined cove that green turtles come and bask and rest in.  Its roped off from the rest of Pu'uhonua and anyone that comes snorkeling in is chased off as the turtles are a protected species.

 Two Step is named for the naturally occurring two steps from the lava to the water.  These two steps are the only area to get into the water.  Here are the Two Steps in action.  Luckily the top step is coated in a soft layer of ocean plant that makes getting up and down comfortable.  If you time it right, the waves help push you up on the step from the water!  Lovely for tired legs after snorkeling for a long while.
See how close to the surface the coral is?  There is a goodly portion of the bay that is fairly shallow, but it does drop off rather quickly to depths of around 100 ft, give or take.

Now TH being the totes adorbs fella that he is, goes snorkeling with me.  Even though he is afraid of the ocean, and can't get a good seal on his mask due to his mustache.  He rents a boogie board and motors out with his flippers on and if I see something amazing, I come and show him, he dons his mask and looks about quickly before it fills with water.

So this day the weather was perfect.  No wind, lovely calm flat seas.  The beaches fill up quickly so we arrived about 9 am.  There were already beach goers, but not at all crowded.  So, into the water we go, and are amazed at all the fish!  As we slowly made our way further from shore, the bottom began dropping off and TH became a bit nervous.  Until he looked up, him of the perfect vision and shouted DOLPHINS!!!

There was a pod of about 20-30 dolphins!  They swam and fed and there were two with babies who nursed their young!  While I was under watching them do this, TH saw them do flips and spins out of the water!  We swam around them for over an hour.  At first I have to admit I was terrified of them.  But then calmed down and really enjoyed watching them.

A video of what the reef is like.

I sure wish I have pictures and video of my own.  Hopefully, next time will have an underwater camera and goggles for TH so he can see more underwater without trying hard not to drown every time he puts his face in the water.


  1. Better late than never! I'm glad you had a great time, and yes I still need to visit Hawaii one of these years.

  2. dolphins are such beautiful creatures!

  3. So awesome! I do so wish I had stowed away in your luggage so I could have joined you! HAHAHAHA

    What a wonderful trip, Biki. I am loving your pictures and dialog of this truly awesome vacation.

    Peace <3