Monday, April 27, 2015

Forecast for the week, increasing bouts of freaking out, with flurries of out right panic

About 6 weeks ago, in a weak moment, I agreed to host a May the Forth Be With You meetup.  If you're not a Star Wars geek-a-zoid, its a play on the saying "may the force be with you", and is held every year on the 4 of May. 

I did have enough common sense to hold the number to 6, including myself.  Out of that 6, three will be complete strangers. 

In.  My.  House!  

My safe zone. 

My batcave. 

My fortress of solitude. 

Ok I've finished with the comic book references, sorry.

I hate cooking for others now.  When you cant taste what you're cooking it becomes super stressful.  I can't cook only things that I can eat as one of the people coming is allergic to soy, my go to replace dairy.  So, now I'm trying to come up with things that everyone can eat. 

At this point in time I've decided on build your own hoagies.  I'll have my gf bun, and will buy some for Miss Soy Allergy (MSA).  They can have cheese and egg mayo, meat and shredded veggies. 
MSA is a sometimes veggie, so that gives me some worry.  Tortilla chips with guac and salsa.  I was thinking about raw veggies, but am stumped as for a dip.  What I can eat for a dip, MSA cant.  What I can serve for the others, neither one of us can have. 

I need to clean the house, tis a messy home at the present.  Lay in party supplies, like paper plates, as I only have a service for 4 dinnerware. 

Oh dear Pasta, what have I done.....


  1. I'd have the same reaction if I were hosting a party right now. But May the Fourth be with you!

  2. It sounds divine!!! And it will work out just fine, though I get what you mean about fixing things for others, so yeah, build your own hoagies is a GREAT IDEA!

    What about a balsamic vinegarette dip? Dunno how that fits the various diets, but seems rather adaptable.

    Peace <3

  3. It must be hard to make something around all of those requirements! Anything Star Warish? Maybe celery lightsabers with peanut butter or some jam or something?


  4. Entertaining is fun ... just not the weeks of stress leading up to The Date!