Saturday, April 4, 2015

Vacation Mystery, part 2

Hello there duckies!

Tomorrow, before it qualifies as 0 dark 30, I'll be on my way to see TH!  Our rendezvous is Seattle before we jet off for 10 fabulous days together.  We haven't seen each other since Christmas, its been much much to long.  So where are TH and I headed?

 It's time for a new game of Where's Biki on Vacation! 

I promise to not let it string out as long as I did last time.  I'll just leave the clues here today, guess if you'd like to, and Monday will post a picture and let you in on the secret.



A Queen
 Good luck!


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  2. on that coast, I would say our 50th state, HAWAII!

  3. Hawaii! For sure! How awesome!!!!

    Peace <3

  4. Since I used to live there, I recognized the picture of the queen ... How-are-ya, Hawaii.