Monday, March 16, 2015

Free Range Biki

So, I've been out and about and snapping some photos of the world around me.

Before I left Alaska after Christmas, I snapped a photo of my favorite bridge.
And arrived to this sight for light deprived eyes.  My apartment complex's water feature.

Then a trip to Tempe to load up on tasty tamales! Downtown Tempe is quirky and fun and as any area surrounding college campuses, full of art and bars.  The best of both worlds, yeah?

First the art, sidewalk style.

Then the bar that grabbed my attention.  Is it just my very dirty mind, or at first glance does the ladder look a bit like jism running down his mouth?

Seen outside of Whole Foods while I was manning a table for the library at a neighborhood celebration.  She's quite tame, or so the fella says, and is 21 years old, and has the projected life span of nearly 90 years!

A delightful evening spent playing '80's arcade games.  This one was my favorite, I used to play this one all the time at a bar with TH.
And a trip to an aquarium with my friends.
Weird looking fish, like peeking into an sci-fi movie, or a cartoon.  It was a pretty cool aquarium but it was geared to children, so many of the fish tanks were down on there physical level.  Yes, I had to lean down!  Geesh!  I'm not that short!


  1. Never been to Tempe, but it looks like fun ... except for that giant lizard!!!

  2. I miss playing Galaga. It was one of my favorite games back in the day.

    I was thinking the same thing with the ladder!

  3. It's so good to hear that your body is getting healthier and you heal better! It's not so good to hear that you are not feeling good about the curves coming back. Sorry

    I always love a good tamale and I hope you are able to find some you can eat. My games were Galaxians and Elevator Action! and Missile Defense and....

  4. Boy that looks like FUN FUN FUN!!!

    I remember Galaga, one of the few video style arcade games I could actually play. Did you pet the gator (or is it a croc)?

    So good to hear from you! YAY FOR BIKI!!!

    Peace <3