Sunday, December 21, 2014

Not off to a great start

Had a great flight, it was SO nice to get a zillion hugs from TH!  He was missing me badly enough to let down enough in public to give me a two armed bear hug!!!

To say I was shocked when I came in the door, would be putting it mildly.  TH moved us into a smaller cheaper apartment, and told me that he put the furniture (what we didnt store) into place, dropped the boxes and bags and whatnots where ever there was room and quit.  I thought he as joking, turns out he wasn't. 

Tuesday morning he took his sister to her doctors appointment, she has been having trouble walking and standing.  When the doctor saw her weakened condition, off to the emergency room!  Where after a load of x-rays and yet another MRI and an IV with some steroids, was given the bad news.  They had to operate on her ASAP or she could be in a wheel chair for the rest of her life. 

This is where living in a state with a very low population has extreme drawbacks.  There is only one surgeon in the entire state who can do this tricky neurosurgery, and he was on vacation.  So, to the tune of $180,000 dollars they medevaced her to Seattle.  She is scheduled for surgery on Tuesday, and has been spending her time since with yet more MRI's, more x-rays and a procedure to install a marker for her surgery.

Wednesday feeling a big overwhelmed by what is occurring with his sister, it was a pure pleasure to have grandson come and spend the day.  He was a mite fussypants, but still a joy to be around. 

By 3:30 my insides didnt feel so well, I had caught some sort of intestinal flu thingy.  Today, I'm on the mend, finally!  But TH came home from work feeling puny, and the poor dear he now is suffering.

Hopefully the rest of our time together will be better!


  1. Sorry to hear things are off to a rough start. Hope everyone does better soon!

  2. Sorry to hear about sis-in=law, hopefully that works out well.
    Of course, throw in some flu-ishness and children and a new place to live.
    Let the settling begin and happy happy holidays and a peace-filled New Year!

  3. God, what a way to return to Alaska!!! WOW! I suggest an endloader for the living room, and I hope and pray for a quick diagnosis and recovery for your SIL! And good insurance coverage. If I'd had to pay $180K for a plane ride, they would have ejected me over the first body of water with weights attached!

    I hope your Christmas is MERRY, despite all the drama!!!

    Peace <3

  4. Well lot has changed since I last talked to you.
    Hope life is treating you well.

    -Ethan (yes the one from very very long ago)