Saturday, January 7, 2012


It's been very busy these last few days. When I left home, it was -35, and was a fantastic 70 here. OH! You'll never guess what occurred the day I left Alaska. I had texted eldest to see if he would like to meet up for supper, and possibly take me to the airport. He answered back, how about lunch with me and baby, AND I'll take you to the airport. And so he did! 'twas quite wonderful.

So, I get into Phoenix, did some texting with Newleaf, took a shower, changed clothing and we met for lunch. TH got in around 6 pm, safe and sound, that was a long, cold hard drive let me tell ya. I gave my list of apartments that looked good on the web to Newleaf, so he could plot it all out. The next day, Newleaf picked TH and I up, and off we go apartment hunting. By noon, we had found the one we wanted and started the process of getting all our ducks in a line to make it ours.

Newleaf took us to a magical land by the name of Ikea. Zomg, it's completely fantastical! We walked thru the entire store, something that IS rather a PIA, because if you only want to visit one select area, one must still wander through the entire store, small moment of grrrr for that. We all had a nice dinner, and Newleaf showed me how to use the garmin gps.

Yesterday morning, TH and I wake up bright and early and head over to the apartment to sign the lease, and get the keys. Then off to a whirl of shopping. Ikea for furniture, Walmart for dishes and even though I though we had decided on not splurging on a tv for me, TH bought me a nice tv. Back to the apartment to dump that stuff off, then onto the grocery store. After getting the food put away, we were completely trashed tired. We ate some left overs, good thing I can never eat all of my dinners, yeah? And we're dead asleep by 9. Yes, sigh, by 9. And the alarm rang all to early at 5 am. TH got a shower, we ate and was at the front lobby by 6 for the ride to the airport.

And so the adventure begins.

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  1. You visited The Human Habitrail! I love IKEA, and the one where I live does feature a few short cuts so you can bypass about a third of the store if you need to.

  2. IKEA is all kinds of crazy and all kinds of fabulous, too.

    Good luck, have fun, live laugh love your adventure.

  3. I have been fortunate in that I have never visited IKEA. HAHAHAHAHA

    Glad it has all gone so well. And an extra WHOOPEE for the eldest's new attitude. Seems that things are going well on that front.

    Peace <3

  4. Someone bright once told me never to give up hope on your kids cause they could wake up at anytime ...btw miss that person ... Glad your out of the cold ... Huggs n shit xxxx

  5. Sounds like your adventure is off to a good start! All business is in order and the company, at least for the moment, is cheery. :-) Just beware of goblins, mountains, and dragons.