Saturday, April 16, 2011

Strawberry Skies

Getting out the ingredients for the marinade for char siu for steamed buns, I'm digging around in the fridge looking for the hoisin sauce.  Rats and Cats!  None to be found.  Oh well, that is one of the perks of living in town, a grocery store only 6 minutes away.  Before when we lived in "hell town" the nearest grocery was 90 minutes one way, quite a trek when you're missing one lone ingredient.  Backing out of the car, I noticed that the sun was setting, it was sinking below the low hills, lighting up the sky with the prettiest colors.

Once in the store, I take the short cut through the produce department, when my nose was seduced with the ripe and luscious smell of ripe strawberries.  Taking a detour in dairy, I snag a carton of whipping cream, strawberry shortcake I do so love thee!  At the last moment, remembering why I was in the store, one jar of hoisin joined the party.  Looking at the odd collection of items, wondering if there was any way to marry these three items, I'm a huge fan of the tv show Chopped, and now look at ingredients in an entirely new light as to what I think could/should/would meld well together.

Still wrapped up in the world of food, I'm totally stunned into stillness by the sky.  I've never seen a sky quite like this one.

The sponge cake with strawberries and cream came out wonderfully tasty!  Usually, I'm not a fan of cake, but this cake was blow my doors off good.  After finishing a bowl of it, I transcribed this recipe into my cookbook!  Yeah, it was that good.

TH (the husband) and I went out to the Sportsman Show yesterday.  We had a lot of fun, looked at stuff, bought some raffle tickets for guns, and fishing trips, saw some friends we hadnt seen in a long time, and I found my birthday gift!  A white water raft trip, which includes class V rapids!  Oh Hellz Yeah!

While out and about yesterday, I started Operation Dress by walking through the women's department, something I hadn't done since August of last year.  I started at the easy end, jeans, and ended up at the dresses and very feminine tops.  I stood there, just looking, heart beating fast,  before turning away and quickly walking away.  This may be harder for me to accomplish than I thought.  If I already had a dress, had I kept any of my girl clothing, then maybe come wedding day I could just toss the dress on, and leave the house without looking in the mirror.  But finding a dress as well as wearing it?  Wow... so my current strategy is to attempt to pretend that I'm on stage as an understudy for a woman, as in "the role of mom of the groom, will now be played by Sam".


  1. Nowadays my closest store is just minutes away by foot, that's a damn luxury. I've been living in places where a trip to the distant store is just out of the question, especially if it's 'only' about picking up some missing ingredients. I can recall many extremely improvised (and consequently horrible) cakes, all of them looking anything else but your tasty strawberry sponge cake. Will you save a bite for me?


  2. Lovely sky photos, nice food photo too.

  3. That sponge cake photo is making me hungry. Do you still have some?

    Sorry to hear about the dress shopping. I hope it gets better next time.

  4. Beautiful pictures! Beautiful sky! Yummy dessert, but I hope the hoisin sauce DIDN'T make it onto the strawberries!

    At least you're starting early. It's going to take a few tries, I fear, to get that dress...The role play will help, I bet, good thinking, Biki!

    Peace <3

  5. I have that problem with fresh fruit cakes with cream too - it started years back with a strawberry pavlova - but that's another story.

    What about a saree with suitable leggings?

    Lovely colour in that pic!