Tuesday, April 5, 2011

5 on the Fifth

Hello All!  It's that time again for photo fun.  This months theme is BLUR.  I'm not a very seasoned photographer, and was having trouble getting pictures that were blurry in an artistic way.  So, decided to twist the theme into things that blur time, blur boredom, blur pain, and something that causes my happiness to blur into sad.

 I love to read!  I read when I'm happy, sad, bored, etc.  Basically I read, therefore I am.  And yeah, I do love reading history, but read from almost every genre.

 Tech, tech, TECH!  I love my computer, love my iPad, and my DS!  I also love my iphone but couldnt figure out how to add that in the photo! lol lol  I can go onto the web to look something up, and hours later wonder how on earth I went from that start point to where I'm currently at.  I use my ipad to play games, check my email, surf the web, and oh yeah...... read, shocking, isn't it?

I love to knit.  My favorite time to knit is when I'm watching tv.  Why?  Well, to tell the truth I get bored watching tv, and knitting gives my brain just enough busyness to keep me happy.  Currently working on my first pair of socks, not as tricky as I had feared, at least so far!

 Yeah, I think this one is rather obvious how it blurs me.

Loneliness.  I spend a great portion of each day alone, and for someone whose happiest having people around me, it's tough.  But unfortunately, I'm also very shy, so meeting new people is hard.

Ok, now go and visit Stephan's blog and see all the wonderful pictures!


  1. Nice photos Biki, and i like how you twisted the theme to suite the photos you had. It works.

    If 'blur' is the theme, the first thing that would come to my mind is water. I dont know why, but water is so soothing, and it mellows me out and blurs out all my worries and anxiety. I never used to like the beach, but now i understand why so many people like it. Just standing there in the waves, getting washed over and battered by the incoming wall of water. THeres just something about it.

  2. Great pics! I love "Tech, tech TECH!" - great idea.

    "Loneliness" is amazing.

  3. Mmm I love porter. That's my favorite pic.

  4. Biki, I like the the three middle shots the best. Love the mix of colors and textures in each.

  5. And you're streets ahead of those of us who don't take pictures at all!

    Thanks for giving me something to look at!