Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Mammoth Weekend

TH (the husband) works a schedule which gives him 4 days off one week, and 3 off the next.  And every stupid weekend its usually the same same thing, we do nothing at all.  To be honest, there is little of interest to do in our town, that we haven't already done.  There is still to much snow on the ground to go for nature walks, and to chilly really to go on long ATV rides, and there you have it.  Sigh.  So, we sit and read, rent movies and really do nothing on his weekends.  Our nerves must have been on edge cause we got into a stupid little tiff, that left both of us shouting at each other!  In the middle of the shouting TH said, "Let's go to Anchorage to the mammoth exhibit!"  While packing we still found the time to snipe at each other, talk about your multitaskers!  Within 15 minutes we were packed and out the door and on our way.  The sniping slowly died away, followed by a period of quiet, not the uncomfortable quiet that grates on ones nerves, but a happy comfortable quiet.  We chatted about one thing and another on the way to Anchorage, a 6 hour trip. 

Snowy weather on the way.

A nice meal in Anchorage.

 The Anchorage museum, this building shines and glows on a sunny day, but on this rather gloomy day, it looks gloomy as well.

A mammoth skull.  This exhibit was developed by the Chicago Field Museum, and will be touring for the next four years.  There was interactive displays and videos, along with the fossils and life size models.  What we found interesting though was how many of the fossils in the exhibit were from the University of Alaska Fairbanks, like this one.

These mammoths were huge, giant and unbelievably ginormous.  They were 14 feet at the shoulder. The pictures are grainy due to the low light levels.

After enjoying the mammoths, we visited the Alaska Native floor.  I would have gotten a better picture, but it wasnt allowed, and the entire time we were there an employee was wandering around.

All in all?  It was a great trip.  We were gone for 2.5 days, had some great laughs, great meals, and had an all around good time.  Our next four day weekend is looming up on us, I'd better start planning yeah?


  1. Well done!

    It's exactly what Pete and I do and we use the same solution quite often. Thing is we've stuff a deal closer so we're usually only away for a day or more likely half of one - so it's a bit different in scale! But the benefit is just the same and the boredom (with sniping) is overcome.

    We too find we can enjoy such outings and share fun and even - yes - laughter!

    Hooray for change and variety!

    Double hooray for Common Interests!

  2. Awesome! You've been saying you needed to get away with TH, sooo glad you found something cool to do! I'd love to see the mammoths someday, too.
    Well cool, Biki!
    Peace <3

  3. Thats sooo awesome biki!!! :-P And a little funny that a shouting match turned into "lets go to anchorage to see the mammoths".

    Glad you had a good time! Looks like perfect weather to get the Ugg boots out :-P I've got mine out and its not even snowing! Call me weak haha.

    What was the meal? Mac n cheese and meat loaf? kinda making me hungry now.

    talk soon biki

  4. Great trip to take; too bad all is so far away. I know the good quiet vs the awkward quiet too. I guess one of the benefits of being with someone so long is you can be quiet with each other!


  5. Glad you had a great trip. :-) It's always nice to have a little get-away, hehe.

  6. Brilliant! Trips are definitely the best way to break a periods of monotony. Sorry to hear about the remaining snow though ;)


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