Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Alien Supper

Life has been rather interesting here of late.  Loads of drama, and intensively busy moments, interspersed with acres of hanging time.  Let's see where to start.......

Ok, first up third son's fiancee's (aka "wife to be") mom was flown to Anchorage from her little village, and placed straight into ICU.  Her family was told, get everyone up here quickly we really don't think she will survive this. Third son drove to Anchorage, fiancee flew, and we were left babysitting their 5 month old puppy.  I had forgotten how much work was involved with a puppy around.  Between keeping him out of things, taking stuff outta his mouth, playing with him, and all the inning and outting a puppy has to do, there was little free time, or so it seemed at the time.  Also compounding this was our sleep schedules were wildly different.  Puppy goes to bed early, around 9-10 pm, and my sleepy time is around 2-3 am.  He is ready to meet the day around 7 am!  OMG!  After only a few hours of sleep, there is no way I'm ready to play, especially at 7 am!  Yikes!  Thankfully, her mom is healing and the outlook is good for her making an almost total recovery. 

Fiancee sweetly asked me this last Sunday if I had picked out my dress for the wedding yet.  So, it looks as though I'm wearing a dress after all.  Am I happy about it?  No.  Will I do it to make her and third son's day happy and stress free?  Yes!  I've become much more comfortable in my own skin lately, and am finding the triggers that upset me and cause me to lose my edges.  I'm afraid that seeing myself in a dress, the most feminine article of clothing, will knock me off balance, and erase months of hard work.

After the puppy left, I realized just how bored I've been.  So after casting around, have decided to attend our local uni starting this fall.  Not really looking for a degree, and all of my past credits have expired.  No, what I'm looking forward to is learning for the sake of learning.  I'm a human sponge when it comes to knowledge, and am actually excited about being in a classroom again.  What classes will I take?  History, art, and possibly a language.  Which one, I havent decided.  TH (the husband) and I want to visit Europe and speaking at least one of the languages before going over would sure help.  I took German in high school, and some of it is still in there rattling around, so might take that one.  French drives me nuts to listen to, so wont be taking that.  Italian is a pretty language, so thats a possibility.  

Second son received a job offer to good to turn down, and so he left the state a few days ago for the twin cities.  His wife leaves in August to begin her PH.D in linguistics in Wisconsin.  The family had a going away dinner, and Dil (daughter in law, married to eldest son) was there.  No, I wasnt allowed to play with the baby.  It could have been worse I suppose, but the fact was we just ignored each other.  Sat on opposite ends of the table, and I pretended she wasnt there.  What I did find interesting, was that third son and fiancee were also ignored by Dil, and they ignored her as well.  Youngest son told TH a few weeks ago that, "We had the best family around, until Dil came into our lives, and she broke our family."

Spring is finally here, we have water puddles everywhere.  Rotten snow banks, and the first goose was sited a few days ago.  It cant come soon enough for me.  Am now awaiting the first buds on the trees, the smell of spring in the air, and the sight once again of the ground.  Green up cant come soon enough for me.

Oh?  You're wondering about the title and the header picture?  Umm, I thought it looked like an alien being, and it was on the cutting board.  So, alien supper! 


  1. Wow! 'The Biki Weekly News'

    This dress for that wedding - leather?

    Worn with matching spiked dog collar and pink hair.

    Teach these fucking 'normal' people eh?

    OK - so what about pink chiffon with bows just everywhere?

    Ot simply swap clothes with TH for the day and smile sweetly at your son while telling him it was all his dad's idea.

  2. Hey Biki,

    Sorry to hear about the dress, but you are right in doing something for your son and fiancee. You know who you are in your mind; avoid the mirror for the day. Sorry, easy for me to say, I guess. Enjoy uni; it should help with a number of things including loneliness.


  3. A mostly positive post! Good that life is going so well. I'm sure you can survive a dress for a day, I've managed to wear suits and tuxes when forced to.

    Taking a class sounds great! I took calculus and physics on a whim some years ago. It was tough, but fun!

    As to the DiL, at least others recognize that she has issues, whatever they are. She just seems extremely insecure to me; afraid that the baby will like someone else (and thus not like her), afraid that someone might be nice to her hubby, and take him away (from her).

    Yay on spring. We have had our initial pollen explosion with the huge, yellow pine pollen spores coating everything - and I mean EVERYTHING. A hard drain storm just pushed it around and turns it into yellow mud. Ugh. But the birds are out, and I smelled flowers today! YAY SPRING!

    Peace <3

  4. Good to hear that Third Fiancee's mom will pull through! Let's wish her a speedy recovery.

    Sorry to hear that the dress bothers you so. Is there no way to detach your vision of wearing a dress from actually wearing it?

    You should take Spanish. :-) Easiest of the Romance languages (I think). Also pretty useful in many parts of the world outside of Europe.

    Sounds like your youngest son is echoing a splintering. But it might not be so bad . . . Idk what else to say.