Thursday, June 3, 2010

5 on the fifth

I've been trying to write a post for a few days now, and i just sit and look at the little blinking curser.  Still depressed, but doing better.  Had my first session with a therapist on Wednesday, so we shall see if this helps.  I sure hope so, cause the boys are noticing, and my depression is so bad it's showing up in photos.....
So, am going to post this instead....

This month is about journeys.....

                                      The just finished journey from winter into spring.  This was 3 days ago.
Have shoes will travel.

A mind journey.

A journey of self discovery.

A journey into life, my  grand daughter!


  1. First - congratulations on your grand daughter. She's beautiful. You must be very proud.

    Second - I like your shoes.

    Third - Very diverse collection of books :)

    Fourth - Sorry about the lingering depression. I truly hope things turn around soon.

  2. Congradulations on the Grandbaby, she is just adorable!! also nice pair of shoes. Hope that the depression imporves I know how nasty it can be.

  3. Brilliant! I really love the spring flowers, isn't it great when nature come back alive after the winter?

    Congrats to the Grandbaby!!


  4. Those shoes are adorable!

    The grandspawn even moreso!


  5. Hi, i'm new here. i'm sorry to hear about the depression. I think i kmow how you feel. congrats on the grand daughter. Oh, and i live pics of other people's bookshelves, i should do one of those myself, heh.

    take care!