Sunday, June 20, 2010


Tuesday I made scallops and clams, and had a hellz of a huge allergic reaction to them, including for the first time in my life, a case of hives.....yeah so not pleasant.  I thought if only i could scratch my skin off things would be ever so much betters.  The only thing i did enjoy about the whole over blown reaction was  this wonderful floaty feeling of drunkness, now that was nice!  However the stuff they gave me, Benadryl makes me feel like something the cat drug in and the dog took back out and buried.....sigh.  Still on the mend i guess.  Hope this cruddy feeling passes soon, cause I'm way trashed and flat from all of the benadryls.


  1. Oh, Biki, that's just horrible and like so many things the cure sounds as bad, if not worse, than the affliction.

    I guess it could have been worse given that anaphylaxis is a possibility in allergic reactions but it sounds pretty awful anyway.

    Hope you feel better soon


  2. Ugh! Poor thing! Get better! That's an order!

  3. Wow . . . that sucks. Get well soon! You never realized that allergy before?

  4. I'm sorry you are feeling bad and hope you get 100% soon

    "the cat drug in and the dog took back out and buried....." I don't know why but this comment made me laugh hmm

    Anyway take care