Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Camera Follies

Well, Monday dawned bright and beautiful, so out we went for a wonderful ride.  We drove to Delta Junction, which is about 202 miles from the Canadian border.  The sunshine was so bright in my eyes, it was just fabulous!  I had only been through Delta before, and only in the dark, so this was a trip to new, and I loved every minute of it.

Delta is a farming community, and I was lucky to see cows.  Yes, yes, I know, but I love cows!  The are the cutest and tastiest animal I know.  We had a nice lunch at a very cute cafe.  My BLT was super, the bacon was some of the best I have had in a long time.  T.H. had a great mushroom burger, tons of mushrooms that were well seasoned and cooked just right.

Delta has wild buffalo (bison) and I had high hopes of seeing at least a few, but sigh, no.  Eastern Alaska traditionally had herds of wood buffalo that died out around 100 years ago, due to changing climate and over hunting.  In 1928 a herd of 23 plains buffalo were brought up and released.  In the 50's due to problems with farmers and the nearby Air Force Base had trouble landing their planes due to buffalo loitering around on the runways a hunt was started to keep the herd to a stable size.  Here is a link if you want to read more about the hunt.

I took my new camera with me and was busy snapping pictures. Especially the pipeline crossing the Tanana River.  It is impressive to say the least!  The towers holding the pipeline up are TALL!  Wanna see?  The entire time I was snapping pictures my camera seemed to be acting weirdly, but not having really used it since getting it at Christmas, I didn't know any better.....

The first thing I did after getting home was to run to my computer and download my pictures from my shiny red camera.  And then the reason my camera seemed to be acting weirdly, it was taking movies....... sigh.  I studied the booklet that came with my camera again.  And knowing me, will have to study it a time or two again before I have all of the buttons and functions all worked out.  But, still.............. my first trip with the camera was a total bust in regards to pictures.

The weather is supposed to stay warm at least through the weekend, so I have high hopes of another trip out of our little city.  Yes, Red Camera will come with me, along with the helpful booklet. Now I am on a quest to take some pictures, not movies....


  1. I've had my new camera for a little over a year (bought it Black Saturday 2008 at Target for nearly half off). I still don't know how to do much other than take snapshots and short movies with it. One day, I'll learn the fancy stuff . . . maybe.

  2. Yeah I hate that sometimes pushing the video button instead of taking pics glad you had fun though