Thursday, June 9, 2016

Holy Hanover! Time travels quickly....

Howdy!  Sorry I've been gone awhile again, but whew what a whirl wind life has been this past month and more.

The third Saturday of April TH and I traveled to Indiana to bury his beloved sister and father.  It was so very hard to leave her there.  Unless we travel to visit her grave, no one will visit as she hadn't lived there for nigh on 52 years, and had only visited once in all that time.  So why did she want to be buried there?  Her mamma is there and she wanted to rest next to her for eternity.

The planning for the trip to Japan is steaming along, mutating nearly daily.  There is so much to see and do that we are overwhelmed.  Even though we both want to visit Toyama, the best time isn't in the winter, since we don't downhill ski, so are shelving that until a later date when we can go in the summer and enjoy the hiking.

Good news on the Japanese food front.   There is a Japanese burger chain, Mos Burger that is Japans second largest fast food chain.  They offer two sandwiches for children on their allergy menu, and are both gluten free.  Even better, is they come with a free toy, yippeee!

And... Coco Curry also has many locations that offer one curry that is safe, its served in a re-tort pouch so there is no worry about it being contaminated.   Now the only trick is to order the right one....

We are packing up our apartment and its rather bittersweet as I've lived here for nearly 5 years.   However!!!!!!!!!!  When we come back at the end of December, we will be buying a house!  I have a terrible case of house fever.  I want a house so badly I can't stand it.  We have had things in boxes for over 8 years.  Eight years!  It will be like a prolonged gift giving holiday when we finally unbox things. 

Off I go to work on the big move!


  1. a free toy? WOW! when do you leave for japan?

  2. The traveling and the settling down; good for you on both fronts.
    I cannot wait to see photos of your escapades.

  3. Glad to hear both things are going well. When you buy a house, what state will you and TH be moving to?