Sunday, June 12, 2016

hate wins, yet again

i just do not understand hatred of a subset of humanity.  hating a single person, yes, there are some individuals who are vile enough to deserve hate, but an entire grouping of humans, no.  as time passes for me, i see less and less reason for humans to have religion.  its a divisive instrument, one that has caused more death, more suffering, than any other single human frailty, even the drive for wealth and power cowers a long distant second.  my only hope is that this will awaken some of the sheep who blindly follow behind a hatemonger, to the realization that death of any person is a crime.  yes, yes i know the earth is overly full with the parasite humanity, but if we can learn to adore our fellow man, embrace science instead of bronze age religions, and free women to choose to have a child or not, our population will drop, until we achieve a manageable number.  
this is why i adore and kneel at the feet of gene roddenberry, he believed that man had the ability to live in a peaceful manner in our future, where all were accepted, and had equal rights.  and to those who claim star trek never had an out lbgt person, its because the studios shut him down back in the '60s, and the sheeple who followed left us out as well.  i have great hope the new series will include lgbt folks. 
we need to stop 'rewarding' bigots, racists, homophobes, misogamist people by inviting them onto 'news shows'.  by allowing them to preach their hate, their belief of their privilege over others, gives credence to their lies.  the new shows would never 'invite' the kkk on to talk about why black teens drop out of school, or muslims to talk about the 'jewish' problem in the middle east.  so why do they feel justified having known hate groups talk about lgbt issues? 
maybe its time for a grass root project where masses of people pledge to inundate the news shows with calls and masses of emails every single time one of the hate mongers is on their shows?  if their phone lines were filled with people awaiting to complain, their inboxes filled with anger that Miss Toni Perkkkins was on again, hellz even if clouds of snail mail starting arriving they might begin to understand that 'inviting' hate groups was a bad thing.


  1. We did that already, but the mainstream media is hopeless. We lost them years ago. I only watch them to mock them nowadays.

    As for new shows, have you checked out Wynonna Earp on SyFy on Friday nights? It's gotten really good the last three to four episodes, good enough for me to buy the season pass on Amazon. It not only has female leads, but one of them is a lesbian too.

  2. We've been speaking up but now we have to get louder, and we have to do something, with our voices and our votes.
    If you vote along NRA lines I will vote you out of office.

  3. I am tired of h8 and morons and guns.