Thursday, June 23, 2016


It's the last day here in this apartment, am totally going to miss this apartment.  After endless days of packing and tossing things out, am nearing the finish line.  Movers are supposed to be here between 1-6 today, and all I have left to pack is the dishes and a bit of loose odds and ends.  Ya know the flotsam and jetsam that seems to fill drawers and cupboards.

Yesterday I put TH on a plane for Provo to spend some time with his lifelong friend to get out of the heat.  TH is an Alaskan thru and thru and the heat is killing him.  We had 120 on Father's Day and hubby came close to heat stroke.

Tonight its a hotel for me, and a very extremely early wake up call, 4am.  I am afraid of driving on the freeway during rush hour and it makes me very nervous.  Because I'm afraid to change lanes at 75 mph, I keep "falling" off the highway.  How does one fall off?  Well, ya know how the outer two lanes are usually tied to the off-ramps?  When one travels the off-ramp lanes, one falls off.  So rush hour starts mighty early here so as to beat the rush am going to leave at 5 am so I'll be thru Phoenix before the rush begins.  My goal is Henderson NV tonight, and Provo tomorrow.  Then we catch a plane to Alaska on Sunday.

I'm thinking about sleeping for a week once we get home!


  1. Have a safe trip, and I agree about the freeway mess. I tend to stay in the lanes furthest away from onramps unless the one I need is coming up.

  2. OMB, horrible! safe travels to you and TH!