Sunday, November 8, 2015

Through the Wringer

Howdy!  Well, 'tis been a few days yeah?  What a muddled weeks these have been.  Here is a breakdown of past events.

14th  TH flew into town!  Yippeee!  We had a nice dinner and a movie out, it was so great to see him again!  We saw the movie Pan, I liked it, TH was meh about it.

15th  I arrive at the oral surgeon to have a tooth pulled, and an implant placed.  Two separate areas of my mouth.  Double the procedure, double the dose of meds to numb me up.  What is so funny about my very awesome dentist is that my child's dose of pain meds worries him, he is afraid of causing pain, and is always amazed at how little meds it takes.

16th-23rd.  The first 4 days were mostly pain free, due to a long lag time of my body breaking down the numbing meds.  It hurts but isnt all that bad.  Day 5 the pain in my jaw from the implant wakes me up.  While I used an ice pack as directed to keep the swelling down, I'm now wedded to an ice pack, the only pain reliever available to me.  I also spend this entire time wanting to hurl.  Thank god for ginger!

25th  TH's long time friend comes into town on business and we have dinner together.  My dinner has been cross contacted with shellfish, and its nearly an epi pen evening, which mucks up our plans to go to Sedona the next day as I my eyes are mostly swollen shut.

28th  Boo Hooo!!  TH flies home! 

30th  Halloween Eve dinner with friends.  I make all the of food to help the Mrs. out as she is heavily pregnant.  Best day since TH flew in!

1st  I have dinner with a friend and get glutened.  I did my work, I asked all the right questions, but the waiter was a care nothing drooling fool.  He was surprised by the fact we needed silverware?  This should have been a tip off.  The fake chicken meat "hot wings" came with a coating that was so tasty I knew not to take another bite.  And then the food that I ordered to replace the evil "wings" had cashew cream, a nut that doesn't like me at all.

Today is the first day I feel halfway normalish.  Hopefully it will all be smooth sailing from here on.


  1. christ almighty biki! you have allergies out the wazoo! you poor thing! :`(

    hopefully you are on the mend now.

  2. Ups and downs and ups and downs.

    Hopefully this will be the end of that!

  3. Hey this is RJ trying my WP login. I knew you were having a rough time, but I had no idea it was like this! I hope you're finally feeling like your normal self again soon. I'm still recovering from a bad cold I got last Friday.

  4. I'm sorry you had such a rough time. If sucks that no one cared enough to be sure that you where not exposed to your allergiens.

  5. I'm sorry you had such a rough time. If sucks that no one cared enough to be sure that you where not exposed to your allergiens.

  6. Hey hey, man. :)

    First time visiting. Keep up the great work!