Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Ketchup, umm-no! Catsup, no that's not right! CATCH UP!

When last we visited I was having issues dealing with the death of my friend.  I find myself thinking about sending him a comic or a bit of news or trivia and then reality washes in and I know he's gone forever.  The anger is slowly eroding, but that may take a bit longer to work thru.

I kissed TH as he left to work, had a taxi pick me up at midnight for the trip down to Arizona for the winter.  We boarded on time, had a cool seat mate, and then the captain leaves the plane?  He bounced right back, and with a stern look, and told us we all needed to deplane quickly and take everything with us, we had a fuel leak under such and so engine!  Needless to say, we vacated that plane quick time.  After hours of updates that wasn't all that helpful, Mr. Captain Man came back to the gate and told us the trouble was deeper into the engine and they had a call to the mechanics in Minneapolis, their repair headquarters.  At this point I knew the plane was grounded, and wouldn't be leaving anytime soon.  I called TH and told him to come pick me up on his way home.  Called the airline and had them book me out later that night, and went home and collapsed into bed.  That night the trip went flawlessly.

Am back at the library and having a great time.  So many people were so glad to see me I got a million hugs!  After years and years of being a social pariah in the tiny village in Alaska, its shocks me that anyone would like me well enough to miss.

TH is still on track to retire after the first of the year!  When he drives down we are going to have to hash out our plans, because at this moment in time, its all a muddled mess.....


  1. it will all work itself out. and isn't that nice that people missed you!

  2. Life is beautiful, even those little waits and delays. Sometimes they are there to allow you to think about things. Sometimes they are just wonderful opportunities to slow down and look around. Either way see the beauty. :)

  3. I like the idea of the hugs. That must have been lovely.

    The plane mess? Not so much.

  4. It is heartwarming to be missed.