Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Last Friday a friend and her friend and I met for lunch.   Now you have to know that my friend....Polly is a funny lady, one is never bored when she's around, add in the fact that Polly knows zillions of folks, and one of those she knows came along for lunch.  I was remiss and didnt do a preview of their menu online, and went into this place cold, stupid me.  I requested a gluten free menu and began to study the offerings. 

Hmm, chicken, ok no.......  Pasta, umm no tis all dairy based, shoot.  Salad!  Umm, not that either.  I refuse to pay 15$ for a salad that after I get done leaving off all the items I can't eat, is nothing more than a sad pile of lettuce and a few stray veggies.  Ok, they have burgers....and gluten free buns.  Hmm, ok I shall check out to see if egg makes me sick.   Yum!  What a nifty great tasting burger!  Nummy!

Holy Fuck Nuts!  Within about 20 minutes I was itching, itching, itching!!!  Ok, ok calm down, thats the egg, no worries.  Then the world started to go all smeary and drunk.   I took a antihistamine, and thought that would solve things.  Umm, that would be a big negatory.  By then my tummy was protesting, and it was giving warning signs of flipping the switch from input to vomit.  I made it thru doing the pull/holds at "work", but left them the job of running the reports and getting them in their boxes.

I went home, and luckily never did flip the switch to vomit, whew!  By Monday I was beginning to feel mostly human again, but still weak and shaky.  By now all the dishes were dirtied and I didnt feel well enough to hand wash em.  So I jammed the dish washer full, poured in the soap and started her up and went to bed. 

Next morning, feeling better!  w00t!  Ate some breakfast, then some lunch, and life got really bad again in the stomach department.  I thought a bowl of simple broth would help me, and pulled open the dishwasher all the way and laying on top of all the dishes was a layer of dishsoap... sigh.  So, that's what was killing my tummy, the poor thing was soaped! 

Today beginning to feel human again!! 

Just in time for Friday.  What's happening Friday you ask?  Something I've been putting off for over a year, and now due to losing around 30 lbs...I cant avoid it any longer.  The worst thing ever for a third gender guy to buy                                                 a bra


  1. Glad you're feeling better and, sorry about that whole bra thing?

  2. Glad to see you're feeling better. I had no idea something was up when you've been at my blog.

  3. Oh lordy, I got you on the soapy dishes thing! I was backpacking in New Mexico and some clown on our crew washed in the rinse and rinsed in the soap. No one realized it until all 10 of us had everything we put in our mouths goes rocketing through to the express exit in 100% liquid form. For 2 days. So yeah, no soapy for me! I check things that come out of the dishwasher, and rinse everything thoroughly if I wash by hand. Glad you're better now. Whew!

    Peace <3

  4. Glad that you are feeling better again!