Thursday, April 3, 2014

That didn't go as expected...

I came out a guy at work today.  Younger, ever so not religious and his response? 

"Well, what ever floats your boat."

Needless to say I feel hurt and sorta kinda violated, and now don't know how to deal with him.


  1. I think this is ignorance more than anything. We had a youth last night make a disparaging remark about transgenderism, to a trans* youth, with another trans* youth within earshot, then didn't want to discuss why his comment was inappropriate and disrespectful.

    You could approach him and let him know that what he said hurt you, and made you feel violated. One thing our youth tend to agree on...calling them out, calmly and nicely seems to work well.

    Peace <3

  2. Wow. Talk about feeling violated. Maybe he didn't know what to say and that's all he came up with?
    I agree with Jay that you could tell him his response was hurtful; at least then he'd have learned something?

  3. Definitely a brave step. I wish I could come out at work but I'm not quite ready yet.

    I'd give him a little time to process it. It's possible he may come around after a day or two.